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Maybelline Brocades in Lavishly Lilac

I've been hauling lately, so prepare for a metric buttload of swatches from me in the next week or so. My first offering is the Color Show Brocade in Lavishly Lilac. It is so unbelievably shiny. 

holy reflection, batman

It is a super dense gold, purple, lilac, periwinkle, and fuchsia glitter. I only needed two coats for opacity, but I did use three here just for the sake of glitter placement. This is by far shinier than the other one I tried, and seems way more reflective than the four Amanda found. It is by far my favorite so far, though I am itching to get my hands on the red.


  1. Wow, where are you still able to find the brocades line?? All my stores cleared them out months ago!

    1. there is a CVS near my daughters dance class. It's in a rather rural area, and they *just* got the brocades maybe two months ago.


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