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Maybelline Walk In The Park and Dust Of Bronze

A bunch of Maybelline's Color Show polishes were discontinued around xmas, so now a display with twenty new shades is starting to show up.  So far I've only seen them at Rite Aid.  I took a serious look at the display and felt a bit wrong only coming away with two.  Nichole was excited for the two nudes, but one is a shimmer and the other looks like a milky sheer.  There's a pink glitter that looks too much like Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter, a couple of (ugh) shards, the end only these two really caught my eye.  Not that I won't take another dozen looks in the future and probably wind up with another couple, but...for now...Walk In The Park and Dust Of Bronze are it for me.

Breaking my usual pattern, I'm gonna show you my last photo first.  Something was off for me at the end of last year, as still is, to a lesser extent.  I'm not sure what.  I've had a cough that's come and gone since xmas and I've just felt generally craptacular.  Add that to freshly shortening my nails and I was really off my game.  Be warned, these aren't my best photos.  Normally I'd reswatch, but here's the thing...these ARE my reswatches.  More on why in a moment.

Ugh...the topcoat clouding!  *headdesk*  But oh well.  Between these two photos, you can see that the polishes are ok even if the swatcher wasn't so ok herself that day.  Right?

So why'd I reswatch?  The usual reason...bubbles.  This second time Walk In The Park didn't bubble and Dust Of Bronze only bubbled very lightly.  So...the earlier issues coming up were my fault, not the fault of the polishes.  Please keep that in mind.

Walk In The Park is a deep blue-toned green cream.

Like I said above, my first attempt bubbled pretty badly.  It was opaque at two coats, but I added a third in an attempt to cover them...and it sorta worked.  Sorta.  The formula's good and pleasingly smooth, and really...those bubbles must have been my fault.  The color's gorgeous!

I had to see how it stacked up against my other deep greens...

FingerPaints Tough Art To Follow * Walk * NYC Flat Iron Green * Walk

Both Tough Art To Follow (a dupe of OPI Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow or so I've heard) and Flat Iron Green are discontinued, but Walk In The Park really wouldn't kill a lemming for either.  It's much bluer and not as dark.

Dust Of Bronze is a soft, taupey metallic gold with lots of microfleck shimmer.

This is three coats, and as you can see it bubbled tragically on me the first time.  Ugh.  I can't claim that as entirely my fault on this one, since it still bubbled a bit on the second try.  At least those were teeny tiny and not the polish warts you see here.  Bleh.

Bottom line: I like both, but I obviously had some issues with them.  I had to be more cautious than usual to avoid ruinous bubbling.

So glad I pulled out of that brief slump!  Phew!


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