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Butter London Hen Party and Cult Nails Nevermore

Throwing something at you and dashing off again...but this time it's untrieds and stamping.  I stamped once last night and that always makes me want to stamp everything all day, every day.  I sorta got carried away and finishing my "next" post didn't happen.  You get this one instead!  Both of the polishes in today's post were gifts.

Hen Party is a milky nude with an intense blue/purple shimmer.

I got Hen Party in a mini gift set from my partner's step-mom for xmas, and I haven't been able to figure out what collection it's from.  This is two coats of Hen Party over two coats of my Nail Foundation frankendupe, Undapants.  I'll be putting a recipe for Undapants up eventually.  I love how Hen Party glows because of the shimmer.  It makes me look a little corpsey, but in a really cool way, so I'm ok with it!

My buddy McGee and I were chatting once while I was trying to stamp with a black cream and just failing all over the place.  She sent me her extra bottle of Cult Nails Nevermore, her go-to stamping black.  I got the package a couple of days ago and figured I might as well stamp with Nevermore over Hen Party before I took it off.  I wound up going with a design from Bundle Monster's BM-423 plate.

Obviously it wasn't 100% perfect, but it worked waaaay better than other black creams I've tried.  I threw another coat of Hen Party over it because our Twitter/IG friend Karen had wondered how it layered.

Pretty well!  It's a bit cloudy, but it brings out the shimmer even more.  I mattified it too, of course...

Big thanks again to McGee and to Sheryl...even though Sheryl doesn't read the blog.  I'll have to remember to show her next time we visit them.


  1. I love how this finished product looks, I own a Konad plate and I only have smaller designs, not full length nail ones but they are very fun to use :) I love how you mattified it as well, gives it a great touch!


  2. No black I've ever tried was perfect for stamping except for konad, but I hate one trick ponies. Glad you liked, Kate!

  3. I like Nevermore for stamping, and i also use Finger Paints 'Black Expressionism'. Great mani!

  4. Just stumbled across this when looking for swatches of Hen Party -- it's from the 2011 Spring/Summer collection, FYI. ;)


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