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My Picks from Sally Hansen Satin Glam

I have my last two sets of swatches from Sally Hansen's new Satin Glam line to show you today, so I figured I might as well do a roundup.  I bought six of the eight new satin shades, skipping just Chic Pink and the orange Sun Sheen.  I added a few of the previous swatches to the end of this post, but you can see more and read my full reviews of Metal Iced and Teal Tulle or Taffeta and Crystalline by clicking through.  As much as I love Teal Tulle, I think I may have unintentionally saved the best two for last.

Go Gold is a soft gold satin foil.

I love gold polish, and own a ton of variations, but I think I have a new favorite!  It might just be because I'm smitten with satins, but there's something so perfect about Go Gold.  It's so flattering!  It's not even slightly brassy like most golds, and it even pulls slightly 'rose gold' on me at times.  It applies very smoothly, though i did have to keep an eye on it to prevent brush stroking.  I wore one coat at first, but added a second the next day.  One might be enough on nubs, but it was a bit patchy for me.  Two is perfect and intensifies the effect, I think.  The name bothers me a little.  It's so close to Go For Gold, one of the new Insta-Dri core shades that I keep almost typing that instead!  Go Gold really might be my favorite satin so far.

I felt completely comfortable wearing it to work and I'll probably wind up choosing it as a work mani pretty often.

I glossed it up with top coat just to see, and...yeah...serious contender for my favorite gold.   Unquestionably top five!

It's so perfect either way!

Silk Onyx is a dark gray satin packed with silvery-white and pastel multi-colored shimmer flecks.

This is so completely my kind of polish!  The base could be blacker, but the effect is gorgeous even in a dark gray.  The shimmer is unbelievably dense.  There's a downside to that though, because the formula's thick and gloppy.  It also has Metal Iced's weird issue of little lumps.  This essentially is two coats, but I had to do a bit of touching up because of the sludgy formula and lumps.  Still....pretty...

I top coated all of my Satin Glam swatches, but Silk Onyx rivals Teal Tulle in almost demanding top coat.  The shimmer once you do is outstanding!

Shimmery black polishes have always been a favorite of mine, so Silk Onyx kinda wins twice for me.

...and now the reruns...

Teal Tulle is a bright teal satin shimmer.

It comes alive with shimmer when it's top coated!

Metal Iced is a blue-toned silver satin-finish foil.

With top coat its blue tone is much less obvious.

Taffeta is a medium purple satin.

The shimmer in Taffeta is smaller than in the other shades I've tried, so it's a bit ho-hum when it's glossy.

Crystalline is a sheer white satin with pastel multi shimmer.

It's sheer and wimpy on its own, top coat or no.

...but it works wonderfully as a satin shimmer top coat over light colored polishes!  It has a lot of potential this way.

Crystalline over Chartreuse Chase

Bottom line: I think I'll go with Go Gold as my favorite of these six.  After that it's a tie between Teal Tulle and Silk Onyx.  I don't like Crystalline on its own, but it's good for layering.  Metal Iced is pretty enough, but I prefer OPI This Gown Needs A Crown.  Taffeta leaves me a little flat.  Overall, I really like these!  They're fairly smooth to apply and most are good in 2-3 coats.

Are you loving satins as much as I am?  I've already accumulated a bunch, so I'll be doing a big comparison soon.


  1. The purple and turquoise shade... so much want... They are such amazing vibrant colours that would look great for spring.


  2. Thanks for these swatches! SH is one of my faves, and I love all the new themes out the last few years. Great job :)


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