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Wet n Wild Stick It To The Man

As much as I'm hating the weather, I love this time of year for new polish and makeup releases.  I've started stalking Nouveau Cheap extra hard to see what to look for on my shopping trips.  The drugstore clearance sales are exciting for both their low prices and for the promise of new stuff to fill those empty slots.  Wet n Wild did away with a bunch of stuff, and the 'replacements' are starting to show up now!  I keep almost buying a couple of the Mega Slicks Balm Stains, but the my strongest interest.  There are nine new glitters in a new line called megarocks (or maybe it's mega rocks? the display and bottle disagree) and I gave them a long look when I first spotted the collection at CVS just before xmas.  Wet n Wild's glitters are either great or...not so great.  Some are sparse and watery, while others are fine.    I wound up only buying Stick It To The Man.  It's got way more going on than the other shades, plus tiny squares!  I love tiny squares!

Stick It To The Man has a clear base and a mix of orange-to-green square glitter and hexagonal metallic glitters ranging from small light blue to medium teal and darker blue.

over Hedy's Purple Nurple

I love the variety of shape and size here!  Two shapes, four colors, two finishes...awesome!  I wish all of the shades in this line were this varied.  The formula was good, not too thick or too thin, but the glitter is on the sparse side.  I did dab and place a bit, but you can pretty much call this two coats.  The base is really good and didn't bubble or glop.  The claim is that this line dries smooth, but I didn't test it...yet.  On the strength of Stick It To The Man, I bought four others and you'll see them in a future post.

over Hedy's Purple Nurple

I really really reeeeally love these little squares!  Their green shift is pretty strong over a dark base like Hedy's Purple Nurple.  The overall look reminds me just a bit of Revlon Heavenly, but Stick It To The Man has way more character and general "oomph".  The squares are the only translucent glitters in this mix, so it might look ok over lighter or brighter colors.  I don't think Heavenly does at all.  As much as I do love Heavenly, I think I like Stick It To The Man way more.

over Hedy's Purple Nurple

I mattified it too...of course...

over Hedy's Purple Nurple

Mattifying makes the variety of colors of the hexagons way more obvious, doesn't it?

over Hedy's Purple Nurple

Bottom line:  Very yes.  Oh wow.  Much buy.  A little light on the actual glitter, but the base is good enough that two coats aren't a problem.  I like the base enough that I went back for four other shades!

Have you bought any of the new 2014 stuff from drugstore brands yet?


  1. Replies
    1. OPI Matte Top Coat. I keep meaning to do a post about it. It's nearly as matte as Butter London's for like half the price.

  2. I recently picked up this one and Slap the Bass... I had to exert some serious self-control, though! Can't wait to see the others you bought!

  3. I'm wearing this now on the edge of my nails over sally Hansen GSM resurrection.. Matte! Love it.


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