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Tiny DIY, Cling Film, and Pre-Spring Nails

Today is the day for brevity. No particular reason, I'm just feeling less-than-verbose today. But I did make some polish, so I'm not completely un-nichole-ish today.

Colors Used:
OPI Alpine Snow
Octopus Party Ink or Swim
DIY Strumpet-Jelly

I achieved this look using my (not) patented Cling Film method. The only difference is I only touched film-to-nail once. The bright white base, plus the pretty blue and fuchsia jellies just screams springtime to me. And while I realize that in my neck of the woods it's been warm and dry, that is not the case everywhere...and there are some folks pining away for spring.


This one is stupid-easy, which is why it's not getting a post of it's own. You need just two things, and a little (very little) bit of patience. It's perfect!

Regular polish (I used OCC Nail Polish in Strumpet)
Cheap Clear polish (I used a $0.94 NYC clear)

Start by pouring out a little clear polish to make room for the added color. Then add...maybe 20 drops of colored polish. (I checked the color every 5-10 drops. 5 drops makes for a lovely natural blush color, FYI) Then roll and shake the polish until it's all mixed. If you have steel balls, you can add them to make life easier. I'm not sure yet if this will separate or not, but it applies nicely and is the perfect pinky color.


  1. I signed in just to comment on this (at work - shh). It looks like jawbreakers and the 90s. I am truly jealous of the OCC Strumpet franken jelly you've made. The shade is perfect. And it looks great with Ink. How much for a bottle?

    1. for you, I'm sure we could work out something special.

    2. Seriously, it looks wonderful!

  2. I love how this turned out on your nails. I have tried the marble look using the glass of water and dripping the paint into the cup, and dabbing the sponge into the polish and on the nails but it never works out great. I think I am just terrible at doing my nails. I have never tried using cling film so maybe I should give that a try. Would you say it is easy enough for a beginner to do? Also after you have dabbed on the two opaque colours do you actually just do the complete nail with the sheer colour or do you dab it on like the previous? Sorry if this is all confusing but thanks :).

    1. water marble is hard, not gonna lie. it takes practice. and the sponge gradient takes a wee bit of practice. cling film is crazy-easy. I have a tutorial to do it here on the blog. these polishes weren't opaque, which is why the finished look is so soft.


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