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NYC Tudor City Teal

This is a color that I have been eyeing for months. It's only a dollar, but I couldn't seem to pull the trigger. Then two things happened: Amanda swatched it a while back, and CVS had a buy one/get one 50% off sale on NYC. Fine, Universe. I will buy it. I can't ignore 45 cents. I also finally got ahold of NYC Grand Central Station, and I reallyreallyreally like it. I can see a topcoat post on the horizon.

I didn't need to thin this one, like Amanda did. I did find it a bit streaky, and I needed three coats to cover. But I love the color. It's more green than most "Tiffany" blues. It reminds me of this robin's egg crayon I had as a was my favorite color. What is amazing about this color is that it looks good on both of us, which is very rare for lighter colors. I think this would be great on just about anyone.


My Hands:

Amanda's Hands:

NYC is a very underrated brand for polish. I wish that they would a) send me their whole line (it is impossible to find a fully stocked rack here) and b) add more colors to the fast dry line. (Amanda reviewed a couple of new permanent shades in the fast dry line here. I still want more though.) I really love their fast dry polishes for myself and the wee folk.


  1. I had a NYC polish and it was absolute garbage :S

    1. really?! I have had nothing but good luck with their polishes!

  2. I love grand central station too... My topcoat of choice!

  3. My most purchased brands of nail polish to buy are Sally Hansen, Sinful Colors, Wet N Wild, and NYC. I have Bowery Black and Mint'ed on Broadway on my nails right now. Love the colors. The top coats from NYC, I am not too big a fan of.

    1. I like the fast-dry Nyc topcoat. it is actually great for smoothing out glitters and textures. Bowery Black is actually one of my favorites too!


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