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Gwen Stefani for OPI: Love.Angel.Music.Baby

Finally, I got something new-ish! Today's polish is from the Gwen Stefani/OPI collaboration. Honestly, when I saw swatches, I wasn't too enthused to go in search of these. The chrome looked a little...weird to me. (plus I read iffy reviews) I also tend not to buy matte polishes, as I have several matte topcoats and prefer to use them. 

I saw a few polishes from this collection on an endcap display at my local Ulta. There was this one, the satin black, the chrome, and the pink. Overall, meh. But Layla had a softtouch collection last year, and I have lamented not picking up the gold color they offered. So I grabbed this one, and I'm actually really happy that I did.

I used three coats here, but only because I had a little bit of bubbling. (it was really humid, and I think that was why) It applies nice and evenly, with little-to-no cleanup required. It sets up pretty quickly, though if you are used to using Seche Vite, "quickly" may mean something different to you. Once dry, it feels super smooth...beware of the desire to pet your nails.

And because I just got NYC Grand Central Station, I had to topcoat it. Honestly, I won't be doing it again. Anything special about the polish goes right out the window with the addition of the topcoat. Major bummer, as my previous experience with "satin" polishes and topcoat was completely different. So I wouldn't suggest topcoating this at all.

with topcoat. Meh.

it's still pretty, but not special.


  1. This is a really pretty shade of gold. I haven't actually found a great 'gold' shade yet that is very opaque and doesn't streak up for me but this one looks great. I have also nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog :) you can find it here!

    1. aww, bless you!

      This is actually a really nice gold. It's not orange or green leaning, like some gold shades can be. It's also really forgiving when it comes to brush strokes, thanks to the satin finish. Initially, I didnt think I'd like it. But I have come to love it!

    2. I agree that gold is one of those shades that is so difficult to find. I have a gold colour at the moment but your right it looks more 'orange' than gold, that's why this shade looks so amazing.

  2. That's really pretty. The only one I actually want from the collection is the chrome one! I heard it's comparable to the layla chromes. Also, I read it's better if you use seche vite as the base for it.


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