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Blogger Wants Me to be Pretty?

I've noticed semi recently, that my pictures on the blog look way more...smooth than they do in Photoshop of Picasa. I did some googling, and saw more than a few posts warning against using jpg format. I had to figure out why.

I decided to take a recent/decent (I love rhymes!) picture of myself, and change only the file type. I did nothing else. The difference is amazing.


I like this picture. This is kinda what I look like on a normal day. A sweater, a t-shirt, minimal makeup and unstyled hair. Housewifery is a glamorous life, people. But my skin is so...smooth. Kinda flawless. And where are my freckles?


And here is the png. This is much more representative of reality. I can see smile lines, freckles, texture. Basically, my face, as I see it in the mirror. I do kinda like the brightness of the jpg, but that is nothing I can't do in photoshop.

This irked me the most, because I only recently posted about how against "beauty filters" I am. This makes me feel like a bit of a hypocrit, even if it was unintentional. I don't want to present any sort of false face here, on purpose or accidentally.

Blogger, I know you want to make me feel pretty. But please...stop. It took me 33 years to be ok with this face. I am happy with it, most days. By smoothing me out, you are potentially ruining other peoples day...and thats not cool.


  1. It's because PNG supports more colors and so the pixel didn't change that much, it's all about compression, I learned that at uni ^^. I still use JPG on my blog though, haha :)

    1. I had no idea! My husband gave me a quick primer on it the other night, but ya know...I'm not great with all this internet jazz.

  2. I had this problem recently! What is (probably) also happening is that when you upload things to Blogger, they get automatically "enhanced" by Picasa in your Google account. It's super annoying. If you go into your Google+ account, into Settings, and then into the Photos section, you can uncheck the "Auto Enhance" setting. Then your photos should be fine, even if you upload them as JPGs. Hope that helps! You look gorgeous in both photos, by the way. I love freckles.


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