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Wet n Wild Deception

Today I've got kinda a "post and run".  I've been working on something bigger for tomorrow and all of a sudden it was noon and I didn't have anything ready for today!  Deception is my only pick from Wet n Wild's new-ish Street Art collection.  The display has been seen here and there for a few months, but I didn't find it until a couple of weeks ago on a trip to Rite Aid.  I'd heard that Deception is a jelly, so I wanted to see for myself.  I can always use more purple jellies!

Deception is a red-violet jelly.

Super sheer!  My nails have been going clear recently because I've been slathering up with oils, lotions, creams...anything to try to resist the impact of allergy season on my crazy sensitive skin.  This is four coats of Deception and you can still see right through my ring and pinkie nails.  It applies really evenly and I'm quite impressed!  The color is bright but not neon.

It's sheerer than I like to wear on its own, but that gives it great layering potential.  I did a quick proof-of-concept jelly sandwich, but first a couple of comparisons...

vs OPI Houston We Have A Purple (on ring)

Once I started applying it, it really reminded me of OPI Houston We Have A Purple.  They're definitely close!  If you wanted a slightly purpler version of the OPI, Deception would fit the bill!  I never got what OPI was thinking calling it purple in the first place.

I also compared Deception to both versions of Sinful Colors Dream On in a previous post.

Deception * Dream On '14 * Dream On pre-'14 * Dream On '14

Since I'm pressed for time today, I did a fast little sandwich right over the Houston We Have A Purple comparison.

The glitter is OPI Lights Of Emerald City and it was a bit of a pain in the butt to apply, since the base is on the watery side and the glitter is a bit sparse and really wants to stay on the brush.  Deception is a total champ though!  This is two more coats of it over everything.  It's a great sandwiching jelly and I might get its orange sister, Cursed, if I see it around.

Bottom line: Sheer, but in the right way.  Perfect for jelly sandwiches even if it's not one I'd wear on its own.

...and now I'm gonna go finish up tomorrow's swatches!


  1. I love this one, and the orange jelly that was in the collection too!

    1. I'm really thinking I might need that one too!

  2. Ooh, very nice! I never did see these LE WnWs, but then again I've stopped trawling my usual spots for nail polish. Thanks for such an awesome post!

    1. Thanks! :D I've cut way back on my wanderings too. Trying to be good. It's so hard! lol


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