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Swatched: Beautifully Addictive Brights Sampler

With my new found love of indie polish, I'm trying to explore indie makeup companies as well. It's a daunting task, because there are so many out there. Thankfully, I have some internet-acquaintances that I can bug for info...otherwise I'd have probably given up before I started.

The first one I was able to try was Beautifully Addictive, which I stumbled upon accidentally while looking for affordable alternatives to that damnable Urban Decay Electrics Palette (neeed those brights). The set I chose was shimmers and satins, though they do have mattes as well. I am pretty thrilled with my first steps into indie makeup.

how cute is this card? I need a sticker.

My package came in a deceptively small pink envelope. I cracked it open, and found a bright green tissue wrapped parcel. When I unwrapped that, I found way more eyeshadow that I expected. (I dunno what I expected...I knew there were 18 baggies there...)

all the pouches laid out

These colors are bright. Like a happy hammer full of summertime smashing you right in the face. They are crazy pigmented, and pretty long lasting. I'm not the most adventurous person when it comes to makeup, so it'll take me a little thinking to work these into my routine. But the price is just right for testing the waters of both louder-than-normal colors and indie makeup. I am definitely looking forward to mixing up my neutral everyday look with some of these.

Let's get on with the swatching!

1. Rainbow Red
2. Rainbow Orange
3. Rainbow Yellow
4. Rainbow Green
5. Rainbow Blue
6. Rainbow Purple
7. Indigo


 1. Raspberry
2. Barbie Doll
3. Dandelion
4. Vermillion
5. Magenta
6. Hot Pink

1. Aqua
2. Lime
3. Teal
4. Forest
5. Turquoise

Overall, I was super impressed with these. The colors are amazing, and really more than someone like me would ever need when it comes to brights. I can't wait for warmer weather to arrive, so I can wear all these happy colors! I definitely see a rainbow/gradient eyeliner look in my future.

*according to the facebook page, the shop is closed until early June. So don't worry, you can still have these!

Bases used for all the pictures:
On the right, I used Nyx Milk. In the middle, my go-to Too Faced Shadow Insurance. The far left is just bare skin. Now, because I don't have 18 different brushes that are suitable for laying down shadow (for shame!) I used a cotton swab to swipe these across my wrist. I think a flat "lay-down" style brush would probably be best for these, as they are loose and will make a bit of a mess otherwise. Surprisingly, even with the shitty tool and loose powder, there was very little fallout.


  1. Those look awesome ! Have you checked out Fyrinnae ? OMG, so gorgeous. Crazy insane duochrome eye shadows and everything in between. I want that UD palette even tho I cannot imagine when/where I would use such bright colors.The colors are just so damned pretty

    1. I haven't really checked out fyrinnae. I've read some iffy things about customer service which worries me, plus I'm trying to find less-known brands to check out for blog purposes. But duochromes always call me...

    2. Yep, and questionable shipping times. Still beautiful colors. Probably not gonna get blog discounts or freebies from the bigger ones, but hopefully you will find some newer makers that will work out for you.

      You should def check out the duochromes tho !

  2. How gorgeous! I wish the Etsy store was open so I could pick up some of these.....

    1. supposedly, they will be open again in June. :D I highly recommend this set. 18 shadows that are super vivid for $15!

  3. I promise to post about the polish soon! And wait till you see these in person...they are crazy-bright.


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