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Mini Review and Swatches: My Pretty Zombie "Drugs Like Me" Blush Collection

Indie makeup is a whole new world for me. Finishes, colors, and brands that I've never heard of. It's like the first time that I went into Sally's and saw these brands I had never heard of...I didn't know where to start. After a super helpful young lady from Reddit gave me some links, I decided to buy all the sampler packs I could find. The first one to arrive was this blush sampler from My Pretty Zombie.

the samples come in bags, but I had some empty pots laying around.

Now, I'm not the biggest blush wearer on earth. My face is pretty red, naturally, and I am loathe to add more color. But I am learning that a little blush isn't going to kill me. When I learned that there were duochrome blushes in existence, I knew I had to have them...even if I never wore them out of the house.

All of these blushes are silky smooth and blendable, which surprised the hell out of me after swatching them. They swatch so vibrant! A few of them have a decent amount of glitter, but somehow minimal fallout. What sorcery is this? After playing around with these for a few days, I have definitely decided that I need LSD and THC. Every time I say this, the husband giggles a little. But for me, these are the ones I will actually use.

On to the swatches! 

(I swatched these with a slightly damp brush, just so you can see them at their full power. They are very easily blended out but I wanted to show their full strength color.)


The website describes this one as a "...rosy pink with a gold afterglow." I completely agree. This might be the most conventional of the "Drugs Like Me" collection. It has a lovely gold sheen to it that remains even when blended. I like this one, but it's not my favorite. But this color will work for every human on earth.

I tried bringing my lightbox into the sun. no bueno. still fairly accurate


This one is a "...muted gray plum with a groovy red to gold shift". It was the hardest to photograph. It's very faint...and wearable. A gray blush. That I want. I will definitely be repurchasing this one. I don't know that I've ever seen a gray and duochrome blush that was this wearable.

so amazingly subtle. a wearable gray blush?


This one is described as a "...dope plum with violet shimmer." I think this one might be the most everyday color. It reminds me of a non-matte version of Tarte Exposed or ELF Mellow Mauve. I am definitely going to buy the full size of this one as well. Everyone needs a nice, plummy blush. I've never seen anyone look bad in these colors.

definitely an everyday color


This one is hilariously described as "...running naked from the cops peach with gold glitter." As I have yet to run naked from the authorities, I can't comment on the veracity there. But it is a lovely orangey blush with a strong gold glitter/shimmer to it. It is a less-powdery cousin to Milani Luminoso, so if you like that color but want to try an indie brand, I suggest this one. With a light hand, orange doesn't look bad on me...but it can easily go overboard. I think this one would be amazing on medium skin tones.

an orange I don't hate...witchcraft!


A "lavender with a sticky green shift" is a perfect description for this one. I immediately fell for this one. If you have been looking to try a "radiant orchid" blush, you need to buy this one. Right now. It has a lovely green/aqua/teal shift and glitter that is so amazingly eye catching. It also blends out like silk, even on my less-than-ideal skin. I will be buying this one too. 

like a radiant orchid unicorn


This is the reddest red I've ever seen. If you want a proper, natural, freshly pinched flush...this is the one for you. I put it on over my bare face, and it blended in flawlessly with my naturally red cheeks. It has a bit of glitter in there, but it is so small that I'd almost call it a shimmer instead. I think this one, applied with a very delicate hand, would be great on fair skin. But if you have a deeper complexion, this blush really was made for you.

so red, but natural

The poor cat. I disturbed her nap taking all of these pictures. And yes, for those of you with children, that is a Boppy, though it's a lounging pillow and not the nursing pillow. I highly recommend it, though maybe not for cat beds...

my long-suffering assistant

I definitely recommend this shop. The time from purchase to receipt is a little longer than your average mass-retailer, but the amazing quality and surprisingly affordable prices more than makes up for it. This sampler set was $5 plus shipping. That is a completely reasonable price for this amount of product. You need so little with each use, that these "samples" might last you a month of daily use.  I will definitely be buying some eyeshadow samples when I grab my full-sized blushes. 

(I think this might be the beginning of a serious problem. Sephora just doesn't impress me like it used to, especially when compared to this stuff!)


  1. If you're looking for more indie make-up brands, have you tried Impulse Cosmetics? They're on Etsy and do the most fabulous sparkly duochrome eyeshadows, as well as opaque matt lipsticks in the most outrageous colours! (I'm eagerly awaiting lots of said lipsticks!)

    1. aaand I started googling before I even finished reading your comment. Those lipsticks. I do need more lipsticks (no I dont.)

    2. (Can't believe I've only just seen your reply haha!) My lipsticks arrived the other day and so far they're all wonderful! They're my first foray into indie make-up, not that I think I'll really be getting into it all that much, I just wanted some cool lipsticks, but they're really good! They're thick and creamy and REALLY opaque - the colour payoff is great! They don't feel very drying and they last forever as well, so I'm very happy haha!


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