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My Picks from Sinful Colors Chill Out least I think that's what this collection is called.  It might be Sultry Seas.  The display has both names, but I'm gonna go with the one in larger print.  Because BIG.  So...yeah.  The new vs old shades count on this one is a little blurry too.  The completely new shades are Blue Crushin, Blue La La, and Lively In Lilac.  I didn't buy Blue Crushin or Blue La La, but you can see both in Nouveau Cheap's post.  There are also three fan favorites in this display; Endless Blue, Green Ocean (you have a second chance, if you missed it!), and Let's Meet.  Then it gets a little more complicated.  Curry Up is new to me, since it was previously a Walmart (boo hiss) exclusive.  Now a little bit of bad news, if you haven't already heard.  Dream On has changed.  This display has the new version that's been showing up at regional supermarkets and Walmart (boo hiss) this year.  It's quite different, as you'll soon see.  The expected Walgreens version of this display hasn't shown up yet, so I bought the new and new-to-me shades at Rite Aid.

Dream On (new version) is a medium purple neon.

no top coat

So...the "bad news" first.  The Dream On you knew and probably loved is gone.  This is the usurper.  I'm bitter about the change, since the old version was an early (painfully early) gateway color for me when I'd just started pushing my polish boundaries.  If you're looking for the old version, it's still lingering in some Walgreens, but all displays from this year have this new one.  If you're reading this in the future, Zoya Charisma is a dupe for the old version.

All of that aside, I do like this new version.  I just wish they'd given it a different name!  I haven't done a blacklight test to see if it really is a neon, but it behaves like one...sorta.  It's sheer, taking three coats for decent opacity.  It's brighter on the nail than it looks in bottle too, but instead of drying matte it's more "rubbery".  With top coat it looks even brighter.  It doesn't have the chalkiness of some of the brighter neons, which is awesome!

with top coat

So how does this new one compare?  I pitted it against the older version and Wet n Wild Deception, from their new Street Art collection.

WnW Deception * new * old * new

The opacities are all different, for starters.  This is four coats of Deception, three of new Dream On, and two of old Dream On.  Where the old version is bright and impossible to photograph, the new one is more subdued and behaves itself pretty well for cameras.  Even at four coats, Deception is still quite sheer.  It's about mid-way between the two Dream Ons, color-wise.

WnW Deception * new * old * new

Lively In Lilac has tiny pink hexagonal glitter and purple microglitter in a dark purple tinted base.

over Dream On (new version)

I thought the glitter in Lively In Lilac might be dense enough to wear alone.  Nope!  I layered it over the new Dream On instead.  This is two coats.  It looks strange on its own and would probably take 4-5 coats to hide the nail line.  Not worth doing, as far as I'm concerned!  Over Dream On though?  I love it!  It applies fairly evenly, but I wanted an extra coat for more oomph.

Curry Up is a bright apple green cream with fine blue-to-pink microfleck shimmer and larger pinkish gold flecks.

Nichole's probably cringing over the color of this one, but you know I love it!  Aside from the searing green, there's some subtle but interesting stuff going on.  The small flakes shift to pink slightly, but you can really only catch it at extremes and I couldn't make my camera see it.  It barely picked up the shimmer at all!  The larger flecks are even shyer, but really lend something to the look.  This is two coats and it wasn't the easiest application.  It's super thick and wasn't the least bit self-leveling.  I'm gonna thin it, for sure.  I also had a few small bubbles, but thinning should help that too.

It's so gloriously odd, isn't it?  When it originally came out last fall, I was really hoping that it would turn up elsewhere, so I am thrilled that it has!

...just don't mattify it.  It loses all of its personality.  Damn.

Endless Blue is a shockingly vibrant blue cream.

I've been meaning to reswatch Endless Blue, which is a core color at some stores, for over a year.  About time, huh?  I was never happy with my old swatch.  I think my new photos do a better job of translating the awesomeness...but this is another that you need to see to believe.  It's one you should have, really.  In a huge and blue-heavy collection, it's one of my favorites.  It's got that signature blue stink, but the best all do, don't they?  It's also a one-coater.  Woohoo!

Rerun time!  Click the shade names for full reviews.

Let's Meet is a personal favorite.

over nude

Green Ocean is making a rare appearance outside of the St. Patrick's season!

over black

Bottom line: Of these six, I wouldn't warn anyone away from a single one!  In fact, you flat-out need Green Ocean and Endless Blue if you're a Sinful Colors fan.  Curry Up and Lively In Lilac are both interesting and full of character.  Let's Meet is very sheer, but layers well.  If you're fan of the old Dream On, try to see past the resentment and give the new version a try.  It's pretty and should be good for jelly sandwiches.

This is a great collection...and there are more where it came from.  Sinful Colors has really outdone themselves again this season!


  1. I love Curry Up! I wore it this weekend.

  2. I'll be adding both to my collection next time I am at walgreens and I have lets meet thanks to the 99 cent sale! Sinful is seriously my fav drugstore brand!


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