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Review: H&M Coconut Water Moisture Mask

As a person with combo/mostly dry skin, store bought masks are generally painful and terrifying. I keep looking at them, however, because I am jealous of people who can throw things on their face and not cry. I had heard good things about H&M skincare stuff, and when I saw that this one wasn't oil absorbing or mattifying, I snatched it up immediately.


My poor face. (ok, I'm dramatic.) I haven't been diligent about exfoliating lately, and my face is flaky and pimply all at the same time. Good times, y'all...good times.

shower fresh and ready for a nap

I cut open the foil pouch (does this count as a foil pouch review...since its a foil pouch?) and squeezed a bit onto my hand. I immediately noticed that is smelled like shea butter and coconut. Not fresh coconut, but coconut shampoo. Not offensive at all, but definitely artificial. If you, like me, are someone who DIY's a lot of their skincare, you might notice that it smells a little...plasticky.

It has a thick, moisturizing feel to it (enough so I'm willing to look the other way on the slightly weird smell.) thanks to the shea butter. I slathered it on my face, and I felt a definite cool/soothing effect.

you don't need a terribly large amount for the average face

I advise against applying this in your eyes. I'm thinking that your eyes are probably not in need of shea buttery goodness.

I followed the directions and left this on my face for about 10 minutes. Much to my surprise, it dried pretty much transparent. It also felt a little bit tight, but that is to be expected with a dried product smeared all over my skin. I rinsed (and made a mess of my counter) with warm water, and patted dry. 

I did make a slightly huge error. I has washed my face before using this. I think, because my face was freshly cleansed, that this might have been a little too much for my skin. I definitely needed a bit of Cerave afterwards. It does say "cleanse and moisturize" on the package, so I guess it really means it this time. 

Final Thoughts:

This mask cost me $2.95 and I will easily get two uses from the pouch. It definitely does what it says, and it's fun to use. The coconut smell stayed with me all evening, which I don't personally mind. I think it's a great deal, and a fun product. I recommend it, and will be buying it again.


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