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Sally Hansen & Rodarte Spring '14 - Clay and Cinnamon

Considering my track record with past Sally Hansen Designer Collections, I feel like I've barely gotten anything from the new spring batch.  Out of ten shades, I've only gotten three.  I showed you guys the Tracy Reese collaboration, Batbano Blue, a few weeks ago.  I skipped Prabal Gurung's trio of super-pale pastels entirely.  Rodarte was the one that caught my eye this time, but it took me a while to find one of the shades I wanted.  As much as I love my favorite CVS location, they're...odd.  They have one of the nail bars and for some reason they only put out part of some collections.  The rest eventually wind up on this nameless rack way down at the end of the aisle.  That's where I finally found Cinnamon, after previously only seeing it at my rinky-dink local store on a day when I didn't have coupons.  I was thrilled to find it at a store with a better selection and when I had several coupons to use!  Some day I should explain my love of CVS.  Some day, but for now...we have swatches to check out.  These rich earth tones aren't your typical spring shades.  Nichole thinks both Clay and Cinnamon look like barbecue sauce, but I love them!

Clay is a burnt umber crelly.

I'm sure they're not dupes, but Clay kinda reminds me of OPI A-piers To Be Tan.  I don't have it to compare, but I think Clay is darker and redder.  Its name is perfect.  My mom was a potter for a few years when I was little and this is the same color as the redware clay she worked with.  Maybe the nostalgia is part of the draw, but I really reeeeally like this!  Because of its crelly finish, I needed three coats, but it was as great as I expect Complete Salon Manicure to be.

Cinnamon is a deep brown cream.

As perfect as Clay's name is...I don't get this one at all!  Cinnamon?  Even the goo in cinnamon buns isn't this dark.  It is seriously dark and doesn't look like what we saw during Fashion Week.  On someone who actually has a skin color Cinnamon might just look black.  It comes pretty close to black on me in lower light.  Still, the formula's really good.  This is two coats and it's absurdly smooth and shiny.  It's topcoated in my photos, but even before that it's very glossy.

Bottom line: Both live up to my high expectations for this line.  Clay's a complete winner, but Cinnamon is very dark and may look black depending on the wearer and lighting.

Did you get anything from the new Designer Collection?


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