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Octopus Party Nail Lacquer: Summer 2014

It's summertime (somewhere) and it is finally time for a new collection from Octopus Party Nail Lacquer. The new stuff is kinda amazing, guys. I showed some sneak peeks on Instagram last week, and I think you guys are about as excited as I am for these colors.

*promotional samples ahead!*


A non-chalky white? What madness is this? Well, ladies and gents...its the truth. This has a decidedly jelly feel to it, but is still a cream. (I'm not calling it a "crelly" because that word is lame.) It is the least streaky white I've ever used, and I bet someone with a more careful hand could get away with only using two coats for this one. (ok side story. You know how when you remove white-based colors and they feel kinda...gritty? Like they have tinytiny grout in them? Yeah, none of that shit here.) I am excited to use this as a base for some of my thinner neon colors...or maybe even a neon water marble.

three coats + top coat

 On the Cliff by the Sea

This one is supposed to be a neon coral...but it just looks orange on me. Why do corals hate me so? I love them so much, and they just spit on my love. Regardless of the pain this color causes my heart, its a bright neon color that is great for making a pasty chick look tan. There is no weird chalkiness, or rubbery finish that most colors this bright can end up with. I'm just gonna have to make it love me.

three coats + top coat

Spume Fed

Ok, this one is a bit creepy. This is almost the exact color of my bedroom walls. Its a bright spearmint green. I normally am not fond of greens (that is totally Amanda-land) but I actually like this one. It's minty enough that it looks ok with my red-yellow-weird skintone. Like everything else in this collection, it is free of the usual troubles of white-based colors. 

three coats + top coat

Water Glass

The only topper in the Summer line, this one is multitudes of green and blue shreds in a clear base. It can be applied thickly or thinly, depending on how much you load onto the brush. Like most shredded glitters, it can have sharp edges, so be warned. Thankfully, this one is smoother than most. I didn't need two coats of Gelous and Seche Vite to make this wearable. I only ended up with a few sharp spots on the edges, which I consider a win with glitter like this.

Index and Ring: two coats + top coat over Spume Fed
Middle and Pinkie: one thin coat + top coat 

Laguna Bleach

The puns...oh god, the puns. Anyway, this is a bleached out blue cream/jelly monster. It actually reminds me of the bleach I use to color my hair. I was initially worried that it would be close to Zoya Blu, but Blu is much...bluer? I dunno, but even the husband could see the difference and he is generally my litmus test for dupes. (scroll down and I have compared them) It applies like a dream, and comes off just as easily. No gritty misery from this one. You could probably get away with two coats for Laguna Bleach, but I always like three for pictures.

three coats + top coat


A crazy-sparkly silver holo with even more holo glitter. If ever there was a glitter bomb, this one is it. It has a slight texture to it, which is kinda neat. I'm gonna go ahead and dub it "textured-lite" polish. Its not so gritty that doing laundry is offensive, but it isn't super smooth. If you would want to wear it glossy, I'd suggest a Gelous + Seche Vite sammich. It has a pretty spectacular showing in direct sunlight, and somehow looks almost professional indoors. I wish we had better weather, so I could show all the angles.

three coats + top coat.

Shore Fire

This one. Guys. GUYS. A duochrome. A wonderful, delightful duochrome. I'm a little over the moon on this one. Somehow, it shifts from rusty orange-green-aqua-fuchsia-violet...magic. I posted a shitty video on instagram trying to show the shift, but doing so little justice to this polish. It is amazingly opaque at two coats, and there are so few brushstrokes to be seen. I think this one just slips onto the SFW side of the line, because the rusty shade it takes on when looking straight at it is completely professional. Though, I'd wear this one whether there were rules or not. If you can only afford one polish, make it this one.

two coats + top coat

Turk Boys

So...I'm biased here. This almost perfectly matches my hair color right now, sans holo flare. It is a bright metallic turquoise with a subtle holo flare buried in there. I had zero trouble with brushstrokes or bubbles, and top coat did nothing to mute the holo. It's like a tanker filled with stardust sprung a leak in a Caribbean lagoon. 

two coats + top coat

Some random OPNL spam for though there weren't enough pictures in this post!

Zoya Blu vs OPNL Laguna Bleach

Three coats each
Index and Middle: Zoya Blu
Ring and Pinkie: OPNL Laguna Bleach

 Please to enjoy my attempts to catch all the shifts in Shore Fire.

Sizzler in the sun


  1. Great review of this collection, love the details you cover and your humor!

  2. Great post! You've managed to make me want pretty much the entire collection. Not sure how I'll convince the hubs that I *need* them. Any ideas?

    1. I'm pretty sure that they cook dinner and do laundry when you aren't looking. Annd if you buy the whole collection, you get a free bottle of something else. Who can resist a sale?!

  3. Shore Fire is so pretty omg *___*

    1. it is! I dont have anything like it at all. I cant wait to try it over everything.


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