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When One Isn't Enough

One accent nails have been done. To death...well, not really. But everyone has done it. A friend recently showed up with a gel manicure featuring two accent nails. I was obsessed. I thought about it over and over. When I got the OPNL Sizzler, I knew I finally had everything I needed to do a non-gel version of my own.

Colors Used:
Gwen Stefani for OPI Hey Baby
Octopus Party Sizzler
Barielle Princess

*tomorrow is my birthday, yall. I'm gonna be 34. I have no idea what to do with my nails! 

**it has come to my attention that this is called a "skittlette manicure". That is a silly name. Who comes up with this shit?


  1. I do believe that Marta from came up with the term "skittlette" Love that mani!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oops.

      I thought a skittle manicure was a different polish on each nail, but what do I know?

      Happy Birthday, Nichole!

    2. Thanks!

      See, I'm terrible with the terminology. I think I'm just gonna start making up my own nonsense words.

  3. This is seriously so pretty! Sizzler is gorgeous!

    1. thanks ;) Sizzler is kinda crazy. I've noticed that it kinda reflects other colors too, so it always matches whatever I wear it with.


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