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Dance Legend Different View

When Dance Legend teased their Holodays collection on Instagram last month, one jumped right out at me.  That photo only gives the slightest hint of the magnitude of Different View's beauty.  The more swatches I saw, the more I needed it!  I finally bought it from Llarowe recently...and...and...  Well, brace yourself.  I took 276 photos of it and it took me days to whittle them down.  There are still a bunch, but something tells me you won't mind!

Different View is a purple/gold/green/blue multichrome with both linear and scattered holo effects.

Yes.  Really.  No trickery, though it did take just the right light to get all three effects to show at once.  Different View is so beautiful I could almost cry.  It's easily in my top five.  Not just for this year, but of all the polishes I've ever worn.  It was $13, which is essentially my sworn limit for a single bottle. I am not exaggerating at all when I say, from the bottom of my cheapskate heart, that it was 100% worth it!  As if being unbelievably stunning wasn't enough, the formula is also really good.  This is three coats.  The brushstrokes are minimal and are overwhelmed by the impact of the combined finishes.

Usually when you combine "effect" finishes, you lose a lot of the power of the effects.  Not this time.  Not at all!  It's an excellent, shifty multichrome.  Its linear holo fire is dazzling in the sun or other bright light.  The scattered holo flecks are silvery at times, but turn into rainbow sparkles when the light hits them right.  When they're silvery over the multichrome effect they look almost snowy.

There's even something almost metallic about it at times.

It looks magical no matter what it's doing!

The blue end of the shift never fully showed up on my nails, but was more of a contrasting shadow at the edges, a bit like Knight.

The green end of the shift is very strong at extremes though...

To capture the full glory of the holo effect, I had to go outside.  Luckily it was only partly cloudy and I was able to get plenty of pictures in-between cloudy moments.

The linear holo flame isn't as strong as Robots vs Humans, the polish that sparked my love of Dance Legend, but it's still strong!

At extremes in sunlight, you can see both the linear and scattered holo effects at once.

...sometimes with hints of the green shift too!

When the sun's behind a cloud, Different View goes cloudy too, but with lingering traces of holo.

Bottom line: Completely and entirely worth a little splurge.  Unbelievably, outrageously beautiful and easy to apply too!  Instant favorite!

It's such a great feeling to be blown away by a polish, isn't it?  Which have done it to you?


  1. Lovelovelove it !!! I farted around and missed out on Protuberance, kicking myself over that now. I want all of those color shifty DL holos, even if I have to buy them one at a time

  2. Wow, just wow! Great pictures ♥︎
    I'm getting this one soon, it's so unique

  3. Your photos have convinced me I need to get this in the Llarowe restock tomorrow! So beautiful!


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