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I Think I'll Call It "Champeal"

...or maybe not.  The new NYX Macaron Lippies were so much fun that I decided I wasn't ready to stop with Chambord that night.  I ordered a couple of KleanColor Femme lipsticks from a little while back, but hadn't gotten around to trying them.  G. of Nouveau Cheap's layering with After Hours had me thinking about them again, so I grabbed Teal Appeal and blended it with Chambord.  Not my neatest effort ever, but I am in LOVE with the resulting color!

I'm still not sure if I can muster what it takes to wear something this bold out of the house, but maybe if I can I'll eventually be able to justify buying something from Melt Cosmetics...or at least justify begging for DGAF and maybe Blow, By Starlight, and 6Six6 as birthday or xmas gifts.  For now I bought this to play around with, so expect a lot more of this kind of thing from me over the next few months.  I'll probably also redo this combo over a lip pencil to see if I can get better coverage on the inner curves.  Maybe I'll even wear it when I take my mom out for Chinese food for her birthday!  *evil laugh*

One thing about the KleanColor Femme lipsticks though...they smell like hairspray!? o_O  But for the price and layering possibilities...I can deal with it.

On a nail polishy note, the summer Zoyas should be at my door tomorrow, so look for the first of my swatches of those by the end of the week!  Should I do Tickled or Bubbly first?  Hmm...


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