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My Go-To Polish Is...

If you have to wear SFW polish, it's good to have at least one shade you know you can rely on.  For me, that's Orly Nite Owl.  When I get caught up in swatching and realize I need to scramble and get to bed ASAP, it's the one I usually grab.  It seems like no matter how bad a rush job I do applying it, it still looks at least vaguely ok.  I've even thrown it over previous manis.  It's even better in a pinch than SinfulShine Rebel, which is saying something.  It's become my workhorse and it's time I took a moment to celebrate it.

Orly Nite Owl is taupe with a heavy dose of silver microfleck shimmer.

It's got a little more going on than many other SFW polishes, but the real magic of the silver shimmer is that can disguise flaws.  I've chipped or dented Nite Owl manis and it patches back up way better than most.  As long as the top coat is smooth, that shimmer works wonders. It's sheer-ish with the first coat, but builds up perfectly with the second.  The initial sheerness means that a little accidental spot on the skin doesn't show up all that strongly, so a careful-ish application can get away with little to no cleanup.  I've even...shh...applied Nite Owl at work.

Kidding, of course... *cough*

It really is the perfect hurry-up polish, whether you need to stay conservative or not and I've seen it look great on a big range of skintones.  It's easily in my top 5 for the brand and for SFW options.  Love love love!


  1. This polish has been hanging around in the back of my mind forever and this is my first time seeing it swatched. It's gorgeous. Reminds me very much of Essie Mochacino, do you know how they compare?


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