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Cosmic Robots? Human Fate?

Though I've come to love neutrals, I sometimes need something with a little more...zazz.  I only have a few work-appropriate holos, but a comparison request from Liesbeth led me to a combo I really loved.

This is Color Club Cosmic Fate with a Dance Legend Robots vs Humans accent.

Robots vs Humans on ring, Cosmic Fate on the rest - daylight CFL + natural

I knew they'd be different, but I didn't expect this much contrast!  They're another great illustration of the "holo dilemma".  In general, you either get an intense flame or bold color.  They both have coppery bases, but while Robots vs Humans is like a magical penny, Cosmic Fate is a lot softer.  Robots vs Humans pays a bit of a toll where the flame is concerned and isn't as intense as Cosmic Fate.  My verdict?  I like Cosmic Fate more than Cherubic, but not as much as Robots vs Humans.  I'll compromise a little flame for a lot of color.  It's also got a much cooler name.  They're equally easy to apply and both wear well on me.  This isn't the flamiest flame that either of them can show, but it was hot out so I stayed inside.

Robots vs Humans on ring, Cosmic Fate on the rest - daylight CFL + natural

Where do you land on this?  Do you prefer a softer base with a stronger flame or more of a compromise?


  1. Thanks again for comparing these! *mwah*
    I love how rich the DL looks in your pictures and out of these two polishes, it’s definitely the one I prefer. And I agree on the coolness of its name :)


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