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Sally Hansen Splash

Sally Hansen used to be my favorite brand.  I didn't fall out of love with them so much as come to love OPI and Dance Legend more.  Good ol' Sally was still high up my list...but lately it seems like something's  Don't get me wrong, there have been plenty of great polishes from them in the past year, but I feel like more duds keep cropping up from a brand that used to be close to flawless.  Indi-glow was so hard to work with that I cautioned readers against buying other new Xtreme Wear glitters.  I wound up buying Splash, part of the Passport To Rio collection, only because it was around $1.75 on clearance at Target.  I also wanted to give Sally Hansen a chance to prove me wrong about the reformulated Xtreme Wear glitter base.  Here goes nothing...

Splash has medium-sized white, light blue, and dark blue hexagonal matte glitter in a clear base.

over Sinful Colors Garden Party (not true-to-color)

*sigh*  So much for that.  It's better than Indi-glow, but...meh.  Bubbles.  Lots of them.  This base doesn't spread the glitter out well, but is also thick enough to bubble vigorously when you try to dab the glitter in place.  You're left with glitter either bunched together or a world of bubbles.  Erg.  Why!?  Last fall's glitters were so good.  I'm seriously kinda crushed over this.  Sad.  Sad.  Sad.  Please, Ms. Hansen, PLEASE go back to the old base!  This is worse than the Pacific Blue reformulation, to me, because this is so much more widespread.  Unless/until they do make another change, I'm gonna be very wary of every single glitter from this line.  I mean...I just can't abide this kind of result.

over Sinful Colors Garden Party (not true-to-color)

I might try applying Splash with a sponge, but...ugh...I'm just...bummed.

Bottom line: If you need me, I'll be under the damn couch.  This breaks my polish-loving heart.

This isn't even all of the bad Sally Hansen news.  I had to thin Camelflage to make it useable and I had similar issues with On Pines And Needles and other issues with Fe Fi Fo Plum, which you'll see here soon.  So now I'm having doubts about my beloved Complete Salon Manicure line too.  Why, polish gods, WHY??


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