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SpaRitual Nomad

SpaRitual is one of those brands that doesn't get enough attention.  That seems to be changing a bit now that they're available at Ulta.  That's where I was when their new Wander collection caught my eye.  Satins!  Be still, my heart!  Just as I was starting starting to feel like the satin finish is "the trend that wasn't", they seem to be making a quiet resurgence...and in fall colors, no less.  I'm swooning.  The collection as a whole is appealing, but one particular shade had to be mine right that moment.

Nomad is a gold-to-green duochrome with pink-to-gold microfleck and a satin finish.

This is so many things I want in a polish, all at once.  It's uglypretty and duochrome in two ways and has microfleck shimmer and a satin finish!  I don't think I've strung together a role call of awesomeness like that since Dance Legend Different View.  My excitement and love for Nomad comes from another direction entirely, but it's as much of a standout in my collection.  I don't have anything else even kinda like it, even if you disregard the satin finish.  Like a lot of satins, it's a bit sheer and slow to dry.  This is three coats.

The pink shift to the shimmer is a little less shy in person and the green shift to the base is a little stronger.  Neither is intense, but they do add a lot of interest and personality to the finish.

I love the combination of the murky, swampy funkiness of the color with the soft calm of the satin finish.  Plus...ugly green.  Glorious!  I am so tempted to try Nomad as an accent nail for a work mani, maybe with Zoya Spencer or Flynn.

I love softer shifts for the way they look as they go around the edges of my c-curve.  Mmm...

I had to see it glossy too, so I topcoated it.  The shift and the shimmer are both enhanced when it's shiny.

I love the way the little flecks twinkle!

Bottom line: If you love uglypretty polishes, you need it!  It's a three-coater, but applies well otherwise.  It's $12 at Ulta, but there's almost always that $3.50 off coupon...

I might have to go back for one or two more shades from this collection.  I'll also be on the lookout for the new Jesse's Girl Satin Finish collection at Rite Aid.  Between these two and Sinful Colors' Silk + Satin collection, it might not be The Year Of The Satin...but at least fans of this finish have a bit to be excited about this season.


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