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Sally Hansen Fe Fi Fo Plum

Ugh...Friday.  I know for most people Fridays are this big relief, end of the work week, start of the weekend, etc.  For me Friday is pretty much Sunday/Monday.  I go back to work tonight after two nights off.  Blah.  Call this a case of "the Fridays" then...

Fe Fi Fo Plum is a medium purple cream.

Another cute name, but while it is a bit less blue than it looks here, it's decidedly not plum.  My camera likes to exaggerate the blue in purples like this for whatever reason.  It looked this blue in my Pueen Encore review too.  It's a pretty color, but the formula is troublesome.  Camelflage and On Pines And Needles were both thick and gloppy and needed thinning.  Two coats of Fe Fi Fo Plum went on smoothly, and I was relieved...until it bubbled.  Endless ugh.  I'll probably throw a couple of drops of thinner into this one too, just to see if it helps, but it's part of my continued loss of faith in Sally Hansen.  I mean come on!  I'm really hoping that their fall and xmas collections revive my flagging love for the brand.  The Color Foil collection was awesome, but I really feel like they're having quality and creative issues in general this year.

Also...what exactly is the point of Google's Auto Awesome feature?  Look what it did...

WTAF, Google? You're not helping!

Nichole already caught it pulling shenanigans, but this is just nuts!  If you use Blogger or PicasaWeb, turn the option off or you might catch it fooling around with your nail photos now too.

Bottom line:  Fe Fi Fo Plum is pretty, but bubbled on me...and Auto Awesome needs to go away.

Speaking of Sally Hansen's fall collections, I spotted one yesterday and Nouveau Cheap posted it!  Such a good feeling.  Thanks, G, and welcome back!  I haven't picked up any of the new Designer Collection shades, but the second I see them at CVS I'll be getting at least a couple of them.  We're also only about a month away from the next NYFW so we'll probably get sneak peaks of the Spring '15 shades soon too.  Time flies, doesn't it?


  1. It's super annoying that Picassa started doing that without any notification. I thought I was going crazy a few months ago. I actually really like this color, but since the formula was annoying, I think I may pass unless I have some ExtraBucks lying around.

  2. You can try a couple of things. .adding your image on blogger in html from Picasa select extra large size then depending on your cropping,


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