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Gold, Wine, and Rainbows

Hello boys and girls! I'm back with more holo goodness. I honestly couldn't leave this gold holo alone. This might be the second of three posts about this one week. I love it. It's glam and happy and fabulous and shiny!

Colors Used:
Octopus Party Gold Vibrations
Orly Plum Noir

Plum Noir was actually on my wishlist for a long time...but I didn't want to pay $9 for it. After a trip to Target and CVS without buying any cosmetics, my husband took pity on me and took a detour to Sally's. I found one solitary bottle in the clearance section and made it mine. It is gonna be a great color for Fall, I'm thinking.

Have you knocked anything off your wishlists lately? Is it just me, or does it feel like an actual accomplishment?


  1. I really wish I was wearing this manicure right now. I am going to pop over to Octopus Party headquarters and "just look."

  2. I recently purchased SinfulColors Vintage after having looked for it since I first saw it on Nouveau Cheap and Amanda's post here. Apparently they got it at Walgreens long after Rite Aid had it, and instead of being called OMGeode the display is called Nails That Rock. I adore Vintage, though!!

    1. I wish we had decent Rite Aids here :(

    2. We don't have ANY Rite Aids here (closest is 540 miles away), and I was starting to worry that it was a Rite Aid exclusive!

    3. we have a few...and they are miserable.

  3. I just bought gold vibrations! I can't wait to get it! Gorgeous mani as usual!

  4. This is so gorgeous, totally something I'd do except I don't have any holos... next to knock off my wishlist perhaps? ;)


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