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Crowdsourcing: Gradients and Angles

I'm taking a trip to visit family at the end of the summer...which means a week and change without painting my nails. (The horror! But I don't want to fly with polish) So I am trying to get a bunch of stuff scheduled. But I'm having a hard time thinking of different things. I decided to ask a polish-related Facebook group for color ideas...this is the first of those. 

A wonderful young lady named Ruby suggested pink, purple, and neon blue. This blue was the most neon I have...which needs to be remedied asap. I chose the other two shades because honestly they are severely underused.

I was going to use scotch tape...but you know what? Fuck that stuff. It never sticks all the way to my nail, and the spots that do always stick to the spots that haven't cured all the way. From now on, it's striping tape for me. That stuff obeys. The angular design in my head turned into diagonal stripes and gradients...because gradients. I love them.
Colors Used:
Color Club Chelsea Girl
Wet'n'Wild On a Trip
Sinful Colors Easy Going


  1. Really bright Neon blues are really hard to find! I've been searching for a long time so please do tell if you ever find a good one

  2. Purchased my first Color Club polishes yesterday. I found them on clearance and got some great neons!

    1. they are really nice...and even better when they are discounted!

  3. I really love blue and I love these! I need to practice with my striping tape and gradients. I'm wearing blue right now!

    1. yay! I can't thank you enough for the suggestion!


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