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Zoya Naturel Deux

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Can you believe it's August already?  Zoya hasn't done more than a little tease of their real fall collection yet, but they're tiding us over with six new Naturel shades!  The first Naturel collection anticipated spring with soft tones, but the new Naturel Deux shades are deeper and more autumnal.  They mirror the original collection in their assortment of tan and rose tones.

Spencer is a camel cream.

I didn't think it was possible for Zoya to come out with a neutral cream I'd love more than Flynn, but they might have!  I'm not completely ready to call it yet, but Spencer might be even more flattering on me.  If you're warm-toned, I think you need it!  The formula's standard for Zoya's creams and this is two coats.

Madeline is a dusty rose cream.

Nothing against it (or her), but Madeline reminds me of one of my grandmas.  It's exactly the kind of color she loved.  It's pretty and flattering, but I can't shake the thought that it's too "mature" on me, especially since my coloring is a lot like hers was.  The formula is surprisingly thick for Zoya.  It could almost be a one-coater, but I wound up using two.

Chanelle is a warm medium brown cream.

This is about as dark as I feel comfortable going for work, so I can see myself getting a lot of use out of Chanelle in the cooler weather...once I thin it.  Like Madeline it's also thick, but it broke out in pinprick bubbles.  Blah.  The really exciting thing here is that it's got a lot of potential as a nude for dark/warm skintones.  You don't see too many nudes for dark tones, so it's always great to see another.  Savvy of Addicted To Polish told me it's the closest she's ever gotten to mannequin hands.  It's another possible one-coater, but I used two this time too.

Aubrey is a deep pink cream.

As a pink-phobe, Aubrey is just across my comfort threshold, but it's dark enough to win me over.  I think it passes SFW muster, but I'll have to wear it "for real" sometime to really be sure.  It's one of those shades I kinda want to top with everything.  That's part of the lure of creams for me.  Imagine this with a blue shimmer topper.  Ooh!  Typical two-coat Zoya cream formula this time around, and no application issues at all.

Emilia is a deep brown cream.

Zoya hinted at some Game Of Thrones names in their (yet to be revealed) upcoming fall collection, but I think they snuck this one in.  It's even sorta reminiscent of Emilia Clarke's natural hair color.  It's too dark for me to wear to work, which is a shame because it's lovely.  It's another oddly thick formula though.  This is two coats.

Marnie is a plummy deep rose cream.

This is my favorite of any of the rosy shades...which shouldn't surprise anyone.  It might be too dark for where I work, but it would be perfect for a less strict setting or if you actually have melanin.  It's also thicker than Zoya's usual, but smooth.  This is one coat.

At the request of coolkris on the MakeupAlley Nail Board, I did a quick comparison between Marnie and OPI Scores A Goal! from OPI's Brazil collection.

OPI Scores A Goal! on ring, Marnie on other nails - my nails look like kidney beans

They're not exact dupes, but they're very close.  Marnie is redder than OSaG and is a cream, where OSaG has the faintest hint of shimmer for a slightly "illuminated" effect...which doesn't make sense unless you've seen it in person.

Bottom line: The color range is great for professional settings, especially if you're darker-toned.  The formulas mostly lean toward the thick side and some are quite thick, but I only had slight issues with Chanelle.  My favorites are Spencer, Chanelle, and Aubrey.  They should also coordinate well with the original Naturel collection for nail art, which is awesome!

I'm not sure if this collection will show up at Ulta or not, since I don't remember ever seeing the first Naturel collection there.  (The weather here was bad last winter, so I didn't shop much.)  It is already available on Zoya's site though, with each shade retailing for $9...BUT Zoya's running a promo through tomorrow (8/5) for free shipping and a free 8oz bottle of Remove+ with any order of $10 or more.  Not a bad deal if you like their remover!


  1. I couldn't get the zoya deal to work at $10. If I tried to just get one polish worth $10 they would just give me the free zoya remove but charge shipping :(

  2. Hello,

    could you tell me how similar is Madeline to Brigitte and/or Rue and Aubrey to Odette?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. In general, Madeline and Aubrey are rosier and more saturated than the older Naturel shades. I'll post bottle comparisons on IG (and twitter) for you. :)


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