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Matte Glitter EVERYWHERE

I've been having glitter angst for a good chunk of this year.  It didn't start that way.  One of my first posts of 2014 was  the awesome Wet n Wild Stick It To The Man.  Then there was the Maybelline Street Art collection, which I loved, and Sinful Colors Pride.  Sally Hansen Grape Shifter was nice too.  Zoya Monet was fussy, but had potential.  ...and then my slump really took off.  I was so dissatisfied with my swatch of OPI In True Stefani Fashion (my swatch) that I think didn't even post it.  The other Wet n Wild Mega Rocks shades just aren't as good as Stick It To The Man and I had to try tons of base colors before I liked anything.  Urban Outfitters Luster perked me up a bit, but I didn't like my original Crushed Shell collection swatches (blorfmeh) enough to post them either.  Sally Hansen Open Mica Night (blah) also never made it to a post.  Indi-glow and Splash crushed my heart.  I felt kinda broken, like maybe I just didn't like or couldn't "do" glitter anymore.  Then these happened...

...and I am BACK!  Faith in glitter?  Restored.

Urban Outfitters Yellow Crushed Shell has four sizes of neon yellow hexagonal matte glitter.

over Orly Hot Tropics

Photos don't seem able to do this glitter complete justice.  It's almost tennis ball yellow, it's that bright.  It is intense over Orly Hot Tropics, in one of the most "un-me" combos I've ever done.  The application is good, with minimal dabbing needed, but the base doesn't keep the glitter suspended very well.  I'm not sure if the base is slightly tinted or if the glitter has bled a little, but either way it does change the polish under it a bit.

I'd never wear this combo "for real", but I'd love it on someone else.  Even mattified it's just not my thing...though the word "rad" is whispered in a corner of my brain when I look at it.

with OPI Matte Top Coat

Formula X Crash has four (five?) very distinct sizes of light blue matte glitter in a clear base.

over NYC Jacaranda Flower

This was a hell of a score.  I got several of the discontinued Formula X matte glitters for just $1.99 each!  The sales associate at Sephora in JCP and I had a little clash over terminology though.  I said something about being thrilled to find them because I love this kind of glitter...and she corrected me.  "They're not glitter."  Oh really?  It was beastly hot out that day and the store was barely climate controlled, plus I'd been awake too long.  I think I gave her a look and said something like "Matte glitter is glitter, trust me."  She said "Ok then..." and wandered off to sulk behind the register.  I apologized when I made my purchase.  It just boils my butt when stuff like that happens.  I usually handle it better though.  Sorry, Sephora in JCP girl!  Anyway, this stuff is great.  The application is really easy, though the BIG glitters take some fishing.  I wouldn't pay $12.50 for it, but I'm cheap/poor.  If they hadn't flown off the Sephora website, I'd probably have gotten a few more of the Xplosives for the $6 clearance price though, and I'm delighted to have gotten the ones I did for $1.99 each.

Matte topcoat makes it even better, of course!

with OPI Matte Top Coat

Funky Fingers Glitter Explains It All has various sizes of bright blue, green, and white matte hexagonal glitter in a clear base.

over NYC Ocean Blue

It did a great job of hiding the bubbles in NYC Ocean Blue, didn't it?  There are a couple of other glitter mixes in this 90's-tv-themed little collection at Five Below, but this was the only one that really called to me.  They were released as a spring collection, so some locations might not have them anymore, but it really varies.  I'm not usually big on white glitter, but the blue and green swayed me.  The application was ok.  I did have to do a fair amount of dabbing, but the result was good and the base didn't fight back or bubble.

Matte top coat took it from like to love!

with OPI Matte Top Coat

Formula X Maniacal has four sizes of light, yet bright, yellow-green matte heg

over Orly Saturated

This is another from that Sephora in JCP score last month.  I waffled on buying it, but I am so glad I did.  I also took a little bit of a chance pairing it with Orly Saturated.  Any darker and the results would have been more Barney than I could have tolerated.  Instead, this is my favorite of today's combos!  Maniacal has the same easy application as Crash.  Both are worth checking your local Sephoras for.

It's full on early-90's bodacious when it's matte.

with OPI Matte Top Coat

It feels very good to like glitter again!  I have a bunch more where these came from, so look for a sequel matte glitter post soon.


  1. I love the Sephora glitters too! I got mine for $2.99 at TJ Maxx. I have the Funky Fingers The Notebook which is a great glitter too!

  2. Crash looks amazing over that purple! And even better matted. <3

  3. So if it's not glitter, what is it?


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