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One, Tutu, Three

I don't know what's prompted it, but I'm on a sudden pale polish kick for my work manis.  Paler than me even.  I hadn't really worn sheers since spring, but buying OPI Don't Touch My Tutu started something, I guess.  It lead me to try to make my nails look whiter, because I couldn't really wear it otherwise.  It kinda went on from there...

Back to the start of this little phase first...

OPI Don't Touch My Tutu is a milky white jelly.

This is one of those polishes that everyone on the Nail Board seems to own.  I've been looking at it for ages, but when they didn't have OPI's new Nordic collection at the nail supply yet, something clicked and DTMT came home with me.  It's got a good formula for something so sheer, but it does take a lot of building.  This is four coats over Sally Hansen Grape Jelly, which I used to counter my staining.

Misa Babydoll is a milky white jelly with fine green shimmer.

over DTMT w Grape Jelly for color correction

I bought Babydoll on the same nail supply trip, because I wanted to layer it over DTMT.  It came out exactly like I'd hoped.  It's a little deathly, but in a good way.  I'm not sure how old it is.  It doesn't have an ingredient list, so I can't be certain, but I swear I smell toluene in it.  This is one coat over DTMT (and Grape Jelly) and it applied beautifully.

Jade Psicodélica is an untinted linear holo.

over DTMT w Grape Jelly for color correction

I've lemmed this one for a while, so I jumped when I found a good price on it and Magia on Storenvy.  I'll have to compare it to Born Pretty Store Holo Polish 1 to see which is a better topper, but I think Psicodélica will win.  It barely silvers the base at all!  It also applied really nicely.  This is one coat as a topper.

The holo flame is visible in most situations, but only fully comes alive in sunlight, of course.  It's hard to capture over a white base, but I really enjoyed the combo and wore it for my whole workweek.

Have you been one-tracking at all lately?


  1. Very pretty, I adore sheer whites!

  2. This looks amazing on you! I might have to try sheer a bit more. It seriously is an epic look


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