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OPI Green On The Runway

As a Coke girl from a Pepsi family, there's something weirdly pleasing to me about OPI doing a Coca-Cola collection.  There are nine shades, but so far I've only picked up Green On The Runway.  I snagged it when I finally found a full display at Ulta.  I've been giving a few others the eye when I see them though.  Don't be surprised if you see Today I Accomplished Zero on here at some point.  Maybe A Grape Affair too.  Maybe.  Green On The Runway though...there was no question in my mind.  I needed it.  I mean...look...

Green On The Runway is a green to red-brown duochrome shimmer.

I squeak when I see something new and exciting, but I think I might have done full-on Kermit arms for this one.  I!  I have a ton of shifty duo-or-multichromes, but I hadn't seen anything like this before.  Sure, it's not a crazy in-your-face multichrome, but I love it the same way I loved the two they put out last fall.  It's shiftier than Muir Muir On The Wall and is almost its opposite, in a way.  The formula is similar though and it's also a three coater.

What I don't get is its tie-in to Sprite.  Sprite itself is clear, with green and blue packaging.  I'm not feeling any connection between the two here.  That's literally the only negative thing I can think to say about this stunning polish though.

It's kinda the perfect shade for transitioning from summer to autumn, since it goes from grassy green to mellow brown.

I mentioned that I'd never seen anything like it.  Well...while out shopping a couple of weeks ago, that changed.  I was poking around in a Rite Aid out of my usual stomping grounds when I saw a dusty, neglected Brucci display.  Black Emerald caught my eye with its green-to-red shift.  I hadn't even bought Green On The Runway yet, but I felt it was my duty to buy both and see just how close they might be.

Brucci Black Emerald on ring, GotR on others

Kinda not at all!  Black Emerald is like a blend of Green On The Runway and Wet n Wild Poison Ivy.  I do love finding dupes, but this result is even better.  Now I have TWO green-to-reddish duochromes, one brighter and one blackened.  Woohoo!  Sometimes it's good to be wrong...and polish dupes might be the best of those times.

Bottom line: Love!  I mean...L-U-V!  If you're a duochrome nut like me, you need this.  If you're an OPI fangirl like me, you need this.  In general, you need this.

Dunno if anyone's noticed that my nails have been changing lengths between posts lately.  I usually try to get all of one length's posts out before I show the new length, but between the vacation and the new didn't work out that way this time.  I've got a few more left with the crazylong nails, then it's back to my current regular long.  I'm torn between shortening them even more or growing them out and sharpening them for Halloween like I did last year.  Thoughts?


  1. I've been undecided for the longest time, but I think you convinced me to go get it ;)

  2. I really love this green (both of them). I also see zero connection to Sprite tho ! Way wrong shade even for the packaging of Sprite.

    OPI has had some really boring stuff lately but this is def a must have for the weird green
    lovers !

  3. The tray they had in old ads was always green with red trim that could be what they are referencing with this color. Either way, it's a GORGEOUS shade!

  4. Ooh sharpen them for Halloween again!

  5. I agree with you the color or name as a matter of fact doesn't go with the Coca-Cola theme but I snatched it up anyway after it came out. I want to wear it SO bad but i'll wait till Fall...btw that shade looks beautiful against your skin tone!!


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