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My Picks from Sinful Colors Full Throttle

I got really excited when I read the word "rubber" in the press release for Sinful Colors Full Throttle.  Rubber finish polishes like the ones Illamasqua put out a couple of summers ago are unusual and I only managed to get Prosperity from that collection.  Turns out that the "rubber" finishes in Full Throttle aren't rubber and the "chromes" aren't chromes either.  There's also Snow Me White thrown in, with the suggestion of nail art in the promo.  It makes me wish they'd done a black "rubber" shade, since they're actually super-fine textures and it could have made the perfect base for pavement nail art.  Instead, there are the four I got and a pink called Rubber Ball which I didn't buy...because pink.  I bought them at Rite Aid.  I have swatches of the two repromoted metallic shades too, but let's look at the new textures first...

Rain Rubber is an azure blue micro-texture.

I love blues like this so much!  It reminds me of Sally Hansen Razzleberry, but much finer-grained.  Rain Rubber is the only one of the four that I've worn as a full mani.  I still have tactile issues with textures.  I've never managed to overcome that.  This micro texture is odd and I'm not sure from moment to moment if it's harder or easier for me to cope with.  What I do know is that I turned into one big, full-body goosebump when I braided my hair while wearing Rain Rubber.  Guess what!  One coater and super easy to apply!  Gotta love that, right?  The texture is so tiny that it doesn't show up until the polish starts drying a little, which makes for a really smooth formula as it's going on.  I was worried about staining, but I wore it for about eighteen hours without any issues.

Red Tired is scarlet.

Such a hot red!  Really a perfect automotive-themed color.  Kinda a weird name though, isn't it?  I get it just makes me think of being sleepy, which this red so very much isn't.  I had my hopes up after Rain Rubber, but there aren't any other one-coaters here.  This is two coats, but the application was really smooth and easy.

Burn Rubber is carrot orange.

Somehow I didn't expect it to be this bright, but it's an interesting color.  Burn Rubber is another two-coater with the same easy formula.

Race Rubber is maroon.

My favorite of the bunch!  It reminds me of old leather more than rubber.  It's another nice two-coater, but the cleanup is tougher than the others because of the depth of the color.  Dark reds are always a challenge.

Casablanca is a sheer silvery-white foil.

It's an older shade, but I picked it up because it was in the display.  Just blogger things.  This is two coats and I think it coulda used some underpants.  Oh well.

...and one rerun this time around.  Figures it's one of the few Sinful Colors shades that I really dislike.

Gold Medal is a frosty metallic gold.


Bottom line: If you like textures, these teeny-tiny ones are an interesting twist.  All four apply really well, but Rain Rubber wins for being a one-coater.  Race Rubber's my favorite though.  Casablanca's pretty, but Gold Medal is a frosty mess.

I feel like I ask this every time I post textures, you like them?  I've waffled more times than I can even recall at this point.  My final verdict is something like "look, don't touch".


  1. I don't like textures but I buy them anyway because they can be interesting.


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