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Review: Mally Bulletproof Basics

More of the epic haul from my superawesomebetterthanyours Reddit swap partner. I hope she likes her gift half as much as I am enjoying mine. The set I'm going to wax poetic about today is the Bulletproof Essentials from Mally Beauty. I have seen this brand recently pop up at my local Ulta, but I had yet to try it. The overly enthusiastic smile on the lady (Mally?) kinda creeps me out.

Its a five piece set that I think is a great intro into any brand. It has some mystery anti-powder powder, a long-wearing shadow stick (Laura Mercier dupe?), a mascara, a giant lip gloss, and a smooth gel-like liner pencil. No matter your coloring, I think this set will work for you.

The Goodies:
Volumizing Mascara in Black
Shadow Stick in Saddle Shimmer
High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Starburst
Starlight Waterproof Liner in Black Velvet
Poreless Face Defender

The shadow pencil is srs, y'all. I used lotion, the Koh Gen Do makeup remover, and oil...and it was still hanging on. Plus, the color is something that could fit right in with the Urban Decay Naked 1 or 2, so it's pretty universally flattering. I definitely think this will be a travel-friendly product. Back to the possibility of being a LM Caviar Stick dupe (which I don't own, but have swatched excessively): It is slightly bigger, and a buck less. So not a huge wallet-saver, but Ulta is a little easier to find these days than Sephora. Add to that the 20 colors from Mally Beauty vs the 10 from Laura Mercier...and well, lets just say that these deserve a look or three.

The eyeliner, lip gloss, and mascara all seem to be pretty standard. The most notable thing is the lip gloss, which is a jumbo-sized version of the Stila lip glosses which are eternally popular. The color of the gloss is a peachy coral with micro shimmer embedded within.  

all over bare skin. love that shadow pencil.
After a day on my face:
Ok, I'm pretty much sold on Mally. I wore the shadow pencil thing on the hottest/most humid day of the summer...over no primer. It didn't budge or crease. My only complaint is that when I buffed it out, the glitter (which is not pronounced when it isn't buffed out) got a bit weird looking. But in the places where I just drew it on, it looked just like it had 9+ hours previous. The eyeliner is actually pretty great for lining the waterline, with very minimal melting throughout the day. I found the mascara to be a tiny bit crumbly, but not near as bad as some. It isn't lengthening, but I did feel like my lashes looked a bit fuller. The lip gloss...meh. I'm not the best person to review lip glosses.

The best part: that weird anti-shine/silicone thing/magic potion. It kills shine like powder, but without the caking. It has a silicone feel on the skin, which I don't mind. I blotted it on after a long, hot day...and my face was immediately matte. My foundation still looked good, and it felt comfortable on my skin. And it was matte. I love matte skin. Blame the 90's for that. It worked fairly well when I used it to set my makeup the next day as well...though by 11pm, I could see a bit of shine here and there.

everything but the lip gloss.
Tl;dr is that Mally seems pretty decent. I definitely think that the anti-shine/defender thing is something that everyone ought to try.


  1. The poreless face defender is the best thing ever! I'm almost done with my second one and now I can't decide if I want to buy the whole kit or just repurchase the product itself. The kit contains a tiny bit less product of the face defender, but the other products make up the price difference.

    1. I haven't looked at the prices of stuff individually yet, but I love the eyeliner and the shadow pencil enough that I'd be tempted to buy the whole kit once I finish the face defender. You could always swap/sell the bits you don't want.


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