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It's 99¢ Sinful Colors Time Again!

Aaaaagain!  I love how often Walgreens is doing this sale this year.  It was just two months ago that I posted my last batch of spam...and two months before that...and two months before that!  This is the fourth time this year.  So commence the Kermit arms and dash to Walgreens...after checking out my swatches, of course.

The sale runs through 8/23.  All Sinful Colors and SinfulShine shades should be included in this sale, but when I bought Pipaya yesterday it rang up at full price.  Hopefully that was a fluke, but be ready to stand up for your bargain if you're buying any LE's.

Also...I got word from my friend Joanna that some shades of SinfulShine are being discontinued.  Wisp is one of them.  Figures.  I've added my SinfulShine swatches below the regular spam.

These are the collections/displays I've removed from the spam semi-recently.  They're longshots at this point, but could be lingering in low-volume locations:
I haven't finished up my summer and back to school swatching yet, but it's probably not going to happen this week.  Life stuff.

So enough's that spam!

Click through the shade names to read my reviews.

24 Karat, over Last Chance (old LE)

All About You on its own and over Georgio (LE)


Anchors Away (LE)

Bali Mist over Inkwell (old LE)

Beige Of Honor (LE)

Blue By You

Bring It Sheer (LE) over Mint Tropics (LE)

Call You Later over Happy Ending


Charmed (new version), over nude

Charmed (old version) - LED lighting

Cool Gray (LE)

Courtney Orange

Curry Up (LE)

Daredevil (the current version may be different)

Dream On (new version)

Dream On (old version)


Endless Blue

Fig (LE?)

From Sheer To Eternity (LE) over Sephora by OPI Cartwheels On The Catwalk

GoGo Girl

Gold Medal (LE)

Green Ocean (LE) over black

Happy Ending - LED light

Hottie over Endless Blue


Let Me Go (and its old LE damn-near dupe Rain Song) over nude and black

Let's Meet (reformulated - get it NOW if you like this version) over nude

Let's Talk (not color-accurate)

Lively In Lilac (LE) over Dream On (new version)

Matte About Blue (LE)

Mauvelous (LE at Walgreens, core elsewhere)

Midnight Blue

Mint Tropics (LE)

On The Bright Side (LE)

Out Of This World

Peppered Amazon (LE)

Pride over Revlon Wild Violets

Prime Purple (LE)

Queen Of Beauty over Sugar Sugar - LED lighting

Real Teal (LE)

Rise And Shine

Rise And Shine with Mint Apple accent

Ruby Ruby


Secret Admirer (recently dropped from core)

Sheer Genius (LE) over Zoya Brigitte

Silver Solution (LE), over Beige Of Honor  (LE)

Starry Night

Steel My Heart (LE)

Sugar Sugar - LED lighting


Unicorn (possibly reformulated)

Vintage (LE)

Why Not

Yellow Spotted (LE), over nude

You Just Wait over Mauve (old LE)

...and the SinfulShines...


In The Limelight

Pragmatic (on Nichole)



What's on your list for this go-round?  There are a few backups I'm hunting for and shades I've previously passed on that I might get.


  1. I have been looking for vintage but can't find it :(

  2. I can't find Vintage either. Is it possibly Rite Aid exclusive?

  3. My walgreens has has their sinful shine rack curiously empty this last month. I want to pick up wisp before it's gone


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