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Dance Legend Boo

It's not often that I do what I'm told.  Just ask Nichole...or my mom.  Nail polish is sometimes an exception.  I was commanded by Liesbeth to wear Dance Legend Boo and I actually did!  It looked so great on her that it was the first polish I thought of when I needed to throw something impressive on quickly before meeting Nancy, the winner of my recent giveaway.  Turns out she lives kinda nearby and a handoff of the prize was easier than shipping.  She's great and had a really cool fireworks mani.  I was impressed, especially since I'd tried it two years in a row and failed hard.  Boo was the closest I got to anything festive.  I was gonna do some stamping that morning, but (for reasons I'll explain soon) I was grouchy about stamping.  It kinda works though.  Boo makes fireworks of its own.

Boo is a multichrome that shifts from a deep pink, through copper and gold, to acid green.

The shift is overwhelming!  When I showed Player 4, he said something like "Gold! Wait...what!?"  I did a lot of finger wiggling while wearing it, admiring the changing colors.  Luckily The Beard drove to the mall where I met up with Nancy.  Boo could make for dangerous driving!  This is two coats over black, though I just put it directly over a previous mani on the other six nails.

As entranced as I was by it, I don't think the colors look all that good on me.  It brings out a sickly purplish color in my skin.  Still gloriously shifty though!

That swipe of polish on the bottle wasn't my doing, by the way.  Dance Legend polishes seem to come to me with splotches, dots, or swipes on them.  No clue why.

Notice a hint of blue in the bottle in the photo above?  I swear I saw a hint of blue it at the extremes on my nails sometimes.  It's not the full-on blue of the bottle, but there's a blue tone to the green edge, right?  You're seeing that too, aren't you?

Liesbeth said Boo is her favorite of the Chameleons, but Celia gets my vote so far.  Still...can't argue with this shift...

I mean...really...

The shift is so intense that the angle really makes a difference.

My only complaint about the Chameleons as a whole is that they get weird little dents.  I'm not sure what causes it, but all four that I've worn so far have done this to some extent.  Odd, isn't it?

No bottom line needed!  Gorgeous!

This length is getting on my nerves.  I'll be shortening them a bit soon.  Any interest in seeing my process?  It's not revolutionary.


  1. *Gasp* Amazing pictures, you make me love this polish even more :D
    The blue in Boo, I’ve seen it too! Absolutely love its crazy shift :)

    Oh, and I like it when you do what I tell you ;) <3

  2. Thanks for the linkies and the compliments - it was great to meet you, and I spent a few hours over the weekend playing with my new pretties!

    The dim lights of the mall did NOT do right by this polish, it is stunning! great photos.

  3. Beautiful beautiful! Someday I will make a huge order for dance legend polishes! So many lemmings...


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