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My Picks from Sinful Colors OMGeode

I was gonna wait and finish up my summer Sinful Colors swatches before starting in on fall...but they're too pretty and I can't wait.  I think it helps that I'm somehow already sick of summer.  July started off here with an instant heat wave.  Yay.  There's also a thrill in swatching polishes I've never seen swatched before.  It's a thrill I don't get all that often.  The OMGeode display only got posted on Nouveau Cheap last week, but I had the luck to find it in the very first Rite Aid I tried.  Wonderful feeling, isn't?  I have all but one of the polishes in this display, bought at either Walgreens or Rite Aid.  The missing shade is Thimbleberry.  Pink.  Pass.  The "color story" in this display don't make any sense to me, which is rare for Sinful Colors.  There are two glittery toppers, four brights, a brand new olive green foil, and a black jelly with glitter.  It might not flow as well as some of their other displays, but there are some very good things here!

Vintage is olive green with silver foil flecks.

There's only one truly new shade here, but can you imagine how much I love this?  It's so me!  I wanna say it's fairly unique in my collection.  I couldn't find anything for a comparison.  Sally Hansen No S-pear Time is lighter and much warmer and Revlon Mistletoe is darker with fewer, larger flecks.  A shade like this would have fit just right into China Glaze's Autumn Nights collection.  It's a shame that I'm A) not ready to wear fall colors "for real" yet and B) I can't wear something like this to work...because I'd be happy in this for a few days.  *sigh*  I'll find a reason to wear it again when the season's turned, I'm sure.  The formula's decent, but "frothy" as Nichole says.  I had some bubbling, but foils are forgiving like that.  This is two coats.  It also stamped well in a quick test.

I added a coat of OPI Matte Top Coat and...yes!

Charmed has silver, pale lilac, and pale gold microglitter in a clear base.

over Revlon Trade Winds

This one's "new" in that it's another reformulation.  Charmed first showed up in the Walgreens core reset of early '13.  It bugs me when they change a shade but keep the name, but I do love this new version.  It's glitzy but not over-the-top and I found myself wondering if I can get away with wearing it to work.  Maybe.  This is two coats over my (sadly discontinued) perfect nude, Revlon Trade Winds.

I love the twinkle and the soft contrast between the three different shades of glitter.  I feel like maybe China Glaze has done a bolder version of this same color scheme, but I'm blanking on the name if they have.

So how different is it from the original Charmed?  Quite!

2x new over nude * 2x old over nude * 2x new over nude * 2x old no undies

Starry Night is a black jelly with a scattering of small gold holo glitter, red microfleck shimmer, and hint of gold shards.

Not really new either, but new to me, Starry Night is a former Walmart (boo hiss) exclusive.  It showed up randomly in maybe February at a Walgreens I often visit, not part of any display.  It was just kinda sitting there.  I keep reading that there's been a reset to the Walgreens core, but I've still never seen it myself.  I'm wary of shards, but there are very few of them in Starry Night and they're pliable and not poky.  This is two coats.  I was really impressed by the coverage.  It took more topcoat to smooth out than I'd expected for the small amount of glitter in it, but it got there in the end.

Rerun time!

24 Karat is a gold fleck topcoat.

over Last Chance

Dream On (new version) is a bright purple crelly that dries to a rubbery finish.

no topcoat

GoGo Girl is a bright 50's red crelly.

Why Not is a bright blue cream.

Bottom line: All three of the new and new-ish shades are great!  Vintage is an instant favorite, the new Charmed is delicate without being wimpy, and Starry Night is complex and mysterious.  24 Karat is a terrific topper and I'm happy to see it return.  The new Dream On isn't as in-your-face awesome as the old one, but I like it.  GoGo Girl and Why Not are brand classics and personal favorites, though Why Not is a BAD stainer.

Nouveau Cheap just posted sightings of a TON of new fall Sinful Colors displays that are showing up.  I still wanna finish the summer ones, so brace yourself for a deluge!  I'm already about half finished swatching my Silk + Satin to find the other new stuff.  The hunt is on!


  1. Awesome swatches as always! I have been waiting for that display to show up at any of my Walgreens but nothing so far :( One of them actually had the new version of Charmed in the core display and the old version was gone but that's it. That Vintage looks even better than I had imagined from the bottle shots I had seen, damn! Can't wait to see those Silk + Satin swatches, I'm not sure how I feel about those yet.

  2. I recently got Vintage at my local Rite-Aid and it reminds me an awful lot of Zoya Rikki (which I've only seen swatches of). That may be another potential dupe.

  3. You said that Starry Night has gold and red in it...but I see a rainbow of colors in your pics and in my polish.


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