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New Summer Wet n Wild WildShine LE's

As much as I love spotting something that I didn't know existed, I really miss Nouveau Cheap!  I'm worried that G's dad is still unwell and really hope he, she, and everyone in her family is doing ok.

I was perusing the Wegmans near work on Monday when something caught my eye.  New WildShines!  There are four shades in this display, but I passed on Spitfire, a bright orange.  I just wasn't feeling it.  The display also has Megaslick glosses, but they were sold out so I have no clue what shades there might be.  Let's take a peek at what I did get...

Ferris-Wheel Romance is a bright coral cream.

Not my kind of color at all, but it's right on-trend for this summer's bright pastel look.  It reminds me a bit of Zoya Wendy, but without that extra kick of neon.  The formula surprised me.  Colors like this tend to be streaky messes, but three coats worked just fine here.

Chambray Showers is a bright light-blue cream with a hint of green.

My camera just wasn't catching the green tinge.  It reminds me of OPI Can't Find My Czechbook, but I think it's a bit brighter.  I don't have that shade to compare.  This is three coats and was also surprisingly easy to work with.

Gyp-Sea Green is a blue-green milky jelly.

I knew this one was gonna be milky, but the sheerness surprised me.  It took four coats to give me the coverage I wanted.  It's sheer enough for jelly sandwiches, I'm sure.

Bottom line: All three were quite good.  Big thumbs up to Ferris-Wheel Romance and Gyp-Sea Green.  Chambray Showers almost definitely has a dupe somewhere, but you probably can't beat the $1-ish it costs.

If you're a fan of Wet n Wild's eyeshadow trios, there's also a new LE display of those.  Project Swatch has a photo of the display.  They're also a variety of this summer's washed-out hues.  I've seen them at Wegmans and Rite Aid myself.  Have you seen anything new and interesting in stores recently?


  1. I'm worried about her too :(

    She liked a pic I posted the other day on IG but other than that I haven't seen a peep from her.


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