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LASplash Envy, Greed, and Wrath Lipsticks

Obvious confession here...I have a serious "thing" for weird colors of lipstick.  It goes back about as long as I've worn makeup.  My mom and I were talking about the photos I took for today's post and she reminded me about a sheer, shimmery periwinkle lipstick I loved as a teen.  I might have to track something like that down again, just for nostalgia's sake.  In high school the only makeup I always wore was lipstick, and it was often vivid yellow gold, white, cobalt blue, or something else out of the ordinary.  NYX's Macaron Lippies (see some on Nichole too) brought up a flood of nostalgia and desire for quirky colors, so when I saw that LASplash was putting out Limited Edition Lipsticks in an array of interesting shades...I needed them!  I missed the initial sale by a few days and pouted until I found out they were coming back.  When they did, I took extraordinary measures to guarantee I'd get the three I wanted.  It took me over two hours.  After website issues galore, multiple emails, and two phone calls, my purchase was secured.  The wait for them to ship was excruciating, but they arrived last week.  YAY!

Envy, Wrath, Greed

Envy is deep teal.

I'll come out and say it right off the bat...these aren't as good as the NYX Macaron Lippies.  Harsh, I know, but true.  I'm not disappointed in the least, but NYX set that bar waaaay high up.  That being said, the colors are way more "me".  Envy sorta helps soothe my lust for Melt Cosmetics Blow.  Sorta.  Kinda.  A bit.  Maybe.  For now?  We'll see.  I've heard some negative things about Melt's formula and feel, plus the price terrifies me.  As patchy as Envy looks in the close-up, it was awesome in person!  The pigment is sensational, really.  A little too good even, since it does stain skin easily.  I still had traces of green on my hand (from this) even after a shower.  Application wasn't the best and I needed a few swipes since it's waxy and drags considerably.  I did a quick test application before showering and Envy felt downright awful on un-prepped lips.  I think my exact description at the time was "complete Sahara hell".  Brushing my lips gently with my toothbrush and applying a small amount of balm beforehand helped a lot.

So...I've been working up my nerve and...well...look at me!  Wearing full-face makeup and showing my whole face on the blog!  Been ages, hasn't it?  I think I was green last time you saw me.  This time it's just my lips.

adore Envy in spite of its application issues and I will absolutely wear it "for real" sometime...but with a less silvery eye.  Maybe something greenish?  My lids are entirely the left side of the Wet n Wild Blue Had Me At Hello over their Take On The Day primer, with a CoverGirl black liner (which doesn't wear all that well but also doesn't irritate my sensitive, panicky eyes) and Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex mascara.

...I don't know how to have a face, by the way.  I need to work on it.  I tend to look miserable, angry, stoned, sarcastic or annoyed.  Of these, I think annoyed is the most flattering, no?

Greed is royal blue.

It's a bit darker in person, but Greed is this blue.  The formula's waxy and draggy like Envy, but I feel like it's a bit easier to apply and barely patchy at all.  The only issue I had was it just would not stick to the inner side of my lower lip.  I'll be wearing it over a lip pencil, for sure.

The eye look isn't completely ideal for Greed either.  I'm not completely sure what I'll do on my lids when I do wear this out and about sometime.

On a semi-related other bloggers ever get as tired of taking face photos as I do?  *sigh*

nails are Sinful Colors Silver Solution over Beige of Honor

Wrath is blue-toned gray.

I'm so yellow-toned that I pull Wrath really blue.  I've seen photos of it looking grayer on others.  While it's still not as smooth as the NYX Macarons, Wrath has by far the best formula of these three shades.  It went on pretty easily and very evenly.  I also looks better on me than I'd even hoped.  I was pleasantly surprised!

I think I'd wear exactly this combination of lip and eye again.

No "bottom line" this time, since these aren't easily available.  An Instagram buddy with a private account got email confirmation that these will be up on the LASplash website again at some point, but no hint of when.  If you're after them, stalk their Instagram account.  They've announced the sales there before.  Were they worth the two-ish fairly stressful hours I spent making sure I'd get them?  I'd have to say yes.  They're kinda crayony and feel like shades like this did back when I was in school, but they're also decidedly awesome...and waaaay less expensive than Melt's offerings.

Also, if you haven't heard already, NYX looks to be coming out with a batch of bolder colored "Lippies" in the undetermined future.  I'm giddy!  I wound up with only five of the Macaron shades because light colors aren't my thing, but these...I might need all of them.


  1. I think the first is my favorite. And I hadn't heard about those bold NYX ones, that's so exciting! I need that deep blurple one at the end.


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