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Milani Lip Intense Liquid Lip Colors

Watching Youtube, you see a lot of fabulous things. Supposedly "readily available" things. And then you realize that you live in a makeup desert that never gets the new and fabulous things. (We have one Ulta in the whole county...and no real Sephora) You tend to resign yourself to never finding 90% of the shiny new things that you want...and then you stumble across them one afternoon. And it makes your day a little brighter.

I wanted these lipsticks ever since I saw Cora from VintageorTacky wearing Violet Addict. (even though I think I have a dupe for it, color-wise). But around here, my Milani displays are rarely updated or even restocked. I mean, the CVS near me has been out of Luminoso blush for a year...and at one point I was there every week, so it wasn't like I was just missing it. I have never seen any of the Rose blushes, textured polishes, or even fully half of their lipstick line. It's a sad, sad, sad place I live I traded hot weather for fully stocked stores.

So imagine my surprise when I walked into a different CVS, and found these liquid lipsticks...untouched and pristine! In the very colors I desired! I was immediately suspicious, but thankful. In addition to the unofficial store cat (seriously, there is a cat that just hangs out. His name is Morty, and he has a home...he just likes CVS) this store had things I have only heard rumors of, like these!

Pink Rave
Violet Addict
My Thoughts
I really, really, really like these. The Violet Addict was a little less purple than I was hoping, but it is totally fabulous and wearable. The pink is almost a normal shade of bright pink, which is awesome. They have this odd floral-vanilla-something smell to them. Not bad, but weird. Again, I've never used a Milani lip product, so I can't say if it is normal or not. The remind me a lot of the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams...but without the matte. They are almost the exact same texture: that whipped, fluffy feeling. But these are definitely a creamy, shiny finish. 

They wear pretty nicely, though no different from any other lipstick. I didn't find them to be exceedingly long-wearing or anything. They didn't feather much on me, though. Honestly, I was expecting major movement from these, since the packaging recommends that you use the Milani clear lip liner with these. But they behave just like a lipstick, and for the most part stay where you put them. 

I think these would be a great summertime lip product. You get bright color, which is always fun, and you don't have to worry so much about these melting all over your bag or pocket. And for under $7 a pop, I think they are completely affordable. Their only downside is that they only come in four colors.

Have you tried these? What do you think?


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