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Ginger+Liz Kicking and Screaming

Have you ever noticed that when you are on a mission for a particular thing, you end up finding all sorts of tempting items...that are not part of your particular mission? Yeah...that is what happened here. I was wandering around Ulta, looking for the right polish to use for my Venus manicure, and I stumbled upon a few random bottles of a brand I had never heard of before. This particular color really grabbed me, and despite the crazy price tag, I bought it home.

Seriously, I think this stuff is $12 before coupons. But it is almost worth it. This is a dense warm plum jelly-cream packed with glitters. When I say dense, I mean it: this is a two coater. In the finished product, I see lavender, royal blue, and violet glitters. When I removed it, I found that some of these are actually silver, and are just covered with the base. I love it. I think my opinions on purple are being changed as I get older, what with the Gothic Gala purple from last week.

Look that that depth! I am in awe. It has sparkle and movement. It has life. I love it. I can see this being a great "in a rush" manicure because it is so easy to apply. I also think this would make a great pedicure polish, because there is nothing I hate more than applying fifty coats while hunched over my own feet.

There is one little problem with this stuff: it's thirsty.

I used a coat of seche vite, a coat of gelous, and another coat of seche vite to achieve the glossy look in these pictures. It's not a textured polish, exactly. The base is too shiny for that to be the case (I hope). But it is definitely lumpy. In order to get that luminous depth, you must generously layer the top coat on here...otherwise it loses some of that specialness. The thirst makes me hesitant to try any other polishes from this line, because I hate having thick nails.

For now, I'll just bask in the glow from this. Maybe if I get another coupon, I'll try another color.


  1. That is gorgeous !!! Purple is probably my most often bought polish color, murky greens being second.

    Never heard of that brand before - was it in a display ? It looks great in your nails !

    1. It was on the rack at Ulta. I had never heard of it before either, but grabbed it on a whim anyway. It's pretty spendy, so I think if I grab anymore they'll have to be pretty special.

  2. What coupon are you talking about? The $3.50 off $10 one? If so, you could just download their app and use the mobile coupon

    1. shhh, dont tell me that. I try to keep my ulta trips to once a month!


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