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My Picks from Sinful Colors Practice Your Accents

I hope you like Sinful Colors.  They've put out so many new displays recently that I'm gonna be posting something from them at least once a week for a while.  I haven't wrapped up all of my summer swatches yet, but I figure new stuff is more interesting, so I'm mixing the early fall stuff in.  Practice Your Accents has a back-to-school-ish theme, which they seem to do most years.  I guess that means it's not that early, since kids in some areas will be back in school in just over a month.  All of the shades in this display are creams or crellies and the image suggests mixing and matching and...well...accenting.  There are two new neutrals and five bold colors, ideal for funky french or other nail art basics.   Beaches and Cream is too pastel for me, but I bought Beige of Honor at Walgreens.  In my review of Prime Purple (from Silk + Satin), I mentioned that I was pretty sure Tempest was back.  This display is where you'll find it.  I don't own Island Coral or Cream Pink.  Let's take a look a the four I do have...

Beige Of Honor is a light beige cream.

I bought Beige Of Honor because it's new, but I had my doubts about it.  It really doesn't flatter me at all, does it?  Shades like this are completely hit-or-miss for me.  Sally Hansen Dune kinda works, Spoiled by Wet n Wild Only In Creams is good, but I think Beige Of Honor sits exactly between them and is too neutral for someone like me.  If you're less ghostly I can see this being a great neutral base for nail art, but I really wish they'd gone with something warmer.  The formula's good though, a solid two-coater.

The rest are reruns...

Tempest is a light purple cream.

Calypso is a deep teal cream.

Ruby Ruby is a red crelly.

Bottom line: Beige Of Honor has potential as a good neutral if you're not pale.  Ruby Ruby and Calypso are core, but they're both terrific colors.  Tempest is a recurring LE and is one of my favorites, plus it's very on-trend with the whole "pastel brights" thing this summer....despite this being a fall collection.

Have you spotted any of the umpteen Sinful Colors fall displays at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kmart, or a local/regional chain yet?  I'm sure plenty of you are feeling just as lost without updates from G. of Nouveau Cheap.  I'm taking it as a good sign that she keeps approving posts and I really hope her father is ok and recovering.


  1. Yeah I was concerned about her dad as well. It has been a while since she has posted anything.


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