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Silky Stamping

Not too long ago Nichole posted her first Emily de Molly polishes.  I've had my first plates from this indie brand for around the same length of time.  I'd lusted after a few of them for ages and decided I'd better hurry and order before Hayley went on maternity leave.  She's away from her store now, but I hope everything is going well and that she'll be back soon.  I bought 01, 03, and 05 and I'm loving how intricate and fine the lines are.

I used EDM01 to stamp Cult Nails Nevermore over Sinful Colors Peppered Amazon.

There's a stained glass look to this image and I want to leadlight with it sometime, but it caught my eye while I was sitting here with Peppered Amazon on.  Over such a bold color it reminds me of a silk scarf.

 I botched the stamping a little, but I am so impressed by the crispness of these plates!  The little details are the hardest to transfer yet these work beautifully!

I stamped Essie Little Brown Dress with EDM05 over Dear Rus Shade Shift 09.

I was ho-hum about Shade Shift 09 when I wore it on its own, since I didn't see much contrast between the hot and cold colors.  Then I stamped to create another scarf-inspired look and fell head-over-heels with the results.  I couldn't bring myself to remove it, so I stamped the rest of my nails and wore this as my NOTD when we went to dinner with The Beard's best friend.  I gazed at it all night.  Stamping over a thermal is something I'll have to play with more often.

I'm very impressed with this plate to.  The little Spirograph-looking thing in the middle of the image came out so sharp on most of my nails.

Any blurry spots are my fault and not the plate's.  I think after a year of stamping I still press a little too hard sometimes.  I wanna do something along these lines again, but maybe with less contrast so I can wear it to work.  It's a tough contest, but this is one of my favorite images.

I have been stamping my butt off lately.  There's a BIG plate review (well...part of one) coming soon.


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