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The Only White Cream I Don't Hate

White cream polishes have a bad reputation.  They usually deserve it.  They tend to be chalky, gloppy, hateful disasters...unless they're watery, streaky, patchy messes.  Somehow SinfulShine Wisp manages to be neither.  It's my eternal recommendation when NB'ers or laqueristas ask for a white that doesn't suck.  I'm not going to say it's perfect, but it's the only white cream that I've never wanted to chuck out a window.  It's about time I had a real swatch of it, aside from this one from back when I had claws.

Be warned, it looks scarybad on me.  Try to focus on the polish and not on the corpse fingers.

Wisp is a stark white cream.

If your body actually produces melanin in a reasonable quantity, white can bring out a healthy summer glow.  If you all but burst into flames in sunlight like I do...not so much.  For me white will always be undies for something.  I think it's an essential though.  Whether it's for neons or nail art, every polish collection should include a white cream.  This white cream, to be exact.  Two fairly easy coats and no streaks in sight.  It's not chalky, stringy, or runny.  It's a damn miracle.  My only real gripe about Wisp is that it's a Walgreens exclusive, and not all locations carry SinfulShine.  This stuff needs to be everywhere!

Bottom line: You need this.

Do you have a different "holy grail" white?  How many have you tried over the years?


  1. I've been wanting to try that one but every time I go to the store it's oos

  2. Thanks! I'll look for this next time I'm in Walgreens. I've been using WnW's French White Creme, which was fine, but not awesome. Then halfway through the bottle it got all sticky and stringy. Thinner hardly helps! Yuck. I have a few older Sinful polishes that are more than half gone and they're still good, so hopefully this will act the same!


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