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Guess Who I Met!!

If you follow us on IG, you probably already know, but this happened on Saturday...

McGee, me, and Nichole

It's crazy that it took thirteen years for us to meet, but it was amazing to FINALLY see Nichole in person!  We wandered around Ulta, Sephora, etc, then had dinner with her husband's family.  Everyone was awesome and her kids are so cute!  Our friend McGee helped make all of this possible and she and I spent pretty much every waking moment of the whole weekend together.  It was complete friendship overload and I hope it can happen again sometime.

I knew I had to do something cool on my nails to meet my eternal nail crush/blogging partner and my closest non-Nichole nail friend together.  I tested a few things, but this is what I eventually settled on...

I started off with OPI I Saw...U Saw...We Saw...Warsaw and added a spotted effect with Vivid Lacquer's VL 011 plate.  I used Sally Hansen Presto Pewter with Urban Outfitters Silver Holo as an accent.  When the holo isn't in full flame, the accent nails look pretty much like the others, but when the sun hits it...

We'll probably post more about our meetup soon...but right now Nichole is still in North Carolina and I have to start swatching Zoya's new Naturel Deux collection!


  1. Awesome that you ladies finally met, sounds like you had a wonderful time :D
    Lovely mani!

  2. Yay !!!! So glad you finally met !


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