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These Aren't Jellies

I love jelly polishes.  There's something about the combination of color and depth that's...well...dreamy.  I got so excited when I heard that Sally Hansen had released a collection called Palm Beach Jellies.  Then I saw other people's reviews and swatches.  They aren't jellies.  Jellies are glassy clear, but strongly pigmented.  I bought them anyway, thinking that maybe they'd at least work as tints.  I never found the OPI Sheer Tints collection, so maybe these would scratch that itch.  Not even kinda.  They're too subtle for almost anything I can think of.  It's taken me weeks to find a way to try to make them work and actually put swatches up.

Here are my three picks over Sinful Colors Silver Solution and Beige Of Honor.

one coat
I'll admit to being pedantic when it comes to finishes, but I can let it slide if the polish is good.  Sally Hansen's Color Foil collection's a great example.  They're chromes, not foils.  Big deal though since they're outstanding.  This...this is just dismal.  Can you even tell which is which?  Let's look at a second coat

two coats

That's almost something.  You can easily distinguish Sea Through (pinkie) now at least.  Ice Tint (middle) is sorta starting to show up too.  Grape Jelly (index) is really just cooling the silver down though.  What about a third coat?

three coats

Three coats.  Three!  Over two coats of base, two of color, topcoat, more color, more topcoat, and then THREE coats of these "jellies"...and Grape Jelly still doesn't look convincingly purple.  Sadness.

three coats

Bottom line:  If you haven't gotten these yet, skip them.  I hate to say it, but they're duds.

If you did buy them, how did you use them?  Do you like them?


  1. I got a few of these. So far I've only worn the blue. I usually have VERY short nails (no free edge) and that's when I pull out polishes like this.

    I loved it, it made me totally look cyanotic. I fucking love saying that word, too. I think I did three-ish coats. I will wear them next time all my nails break off. I plan to do a sandwich of a sparse holo glitter just to add a bit of a twinkle to the tint.

    I'm just glad they didn't have the bubbling & gloop problems of the OPI tints tho I never saw them either & REALLY wanted them for my shorties.


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