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My Picks from Sinful Colors Silk + Satin

Looks like my hope that 2014 would be Year Of The Satins hasn't been dashed as severely as I'd thought!  Sinful Colors has just come out with two new collections that tweak the usual matte.  Silk + Satin introduces their "new" silk finish and Full Throttle highlights a rubbery look.  Silk + Satin features six silk shades, but I didn't buy Pipaya or Solar Flux when I bought the rest at Rite Aid.  The "silk" finish is similar to other brands' satins.  I am thrilled, since I adore this half-matte finish.  As usual, when Sinful Colors approaches a trend...they nailed it!

Silver Solution is a metallic silver satin shimmer.

over Beige Of Honor

If there's a go-to shade for satins, it seems to be silver.  When I did my Satin Showdown earlier this year, it was the only color with four representatives.  I haven't compared this new silver satin to those, but I think it's closest to OPI This Gown Needs A Crown in color and Layla Marshmallow Twinkle in opacity.  It's a truer, less blue silver than Sally Hansen Metal Iced.  Silver Solution is right up there with them on the sparkle scale.  That's what I love about satins, they can shimmer without shining.  Matte shimmers never have a depth like this.  It is sheer though.  I'm not sure if any number of coats would have hidden my nail line, so I used Beige Of Honor (from the new Practice Your Accents display) as a base for two coats of Silver Solution.

over Beige Of Honor

I think I love it even more with top coat.  This is my NOTD and I've been gazing at it often and watching it twinkle.

over Beige Of Honor

Prime Purple is a light purple satin cream.

The color here isn't quite right.  Prime Purple is a little warmer/pinker in person.  My issue here is that it's not self-leveling, so it's prone to unevenness.  The shimmers are more forgiving, but it's fairly obvious with this cream.  This is three coats, since it's a bit sheer too.

Unevenness issues aren't really a problem if you topcoat it, but that makes it like any other light purple cream.  It reminds me strongly of Tempest, which I think is back in another new display.

Real Teal is a teal satin shimmer.

This miiiiight be a dupe for Misa Lash Out, though I think the shimmer is finer in Real Teal.  Maybe I'll do a big comparison post soon.  Perhaps.  I'm wearing three coats here and you can still see my nail line.  Real Teal is quite sheer.  Aside from that, I love it!  It kinda matches the blog background.  Coleen_M on the Nail Board said it didn't dry on her.  I didn't wear it long enough to know for sure (though they're touch-dry pretty quickly), but I always sandwich mattes when I wear them "for real".  Putting a coat of quick-dry topcoat on before the final coat of the matte shade speeds drying and can prolong wear too.

...or you can topcoat over it and wear it glossy.  It blows me away like this!

Matte About Blue is a medium blue satin shimmer.

Another three-coater.  Satins in general seem to be sheer-ish, to the point that I wonder if they have to be in order to get this finish.  At least you can't see my nail line through Matte About Blue and the potential unevenness is hidden by the shimmer.  It's the easiest of these four shades to apply.

When glossed up with topcoat, the hints of pinkish purple shimmer that you see in the bottle become more apparent.

Bottom line: Overall I like these, though Prime Purple isn't a very "me" color.  Silver Solution and Real Teal are both quite sheer, but beautiful as-is or topcoated.  I really like Matte About Blue too.

Notice that these have stickers on the caps?  I have to wonder if that's a result of buyers' reactions to the Crystal Crush collection and its complete lack of indication that it was textured.  Either way, it's cool of them to indicate that this isn't the standard finish and I wish all brands would do that.


  1. Real Teal looks like Zoya Giovanna

  2. Silver solution over beige of honor looks like opi this gown needs a crown

  3. I actually did not like the formula of Matte about Blue as much as the others. It was extremely thin to me. That is the one issue I have with Sinful Colors; inconsistent formula


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