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Sally Hansen Camelflage

When I heard that Sally Hansen was coming out with new core shades for their Complete Salon Manicure line I rushed out to find them.  I bought On Pines And Needles first...because green.  I found it unusually thick for this line, but I took a chance and bought two more new shades anyway.  When any of my favorite brands comes out with a light, warm nude I get my hopes up.  Here's how Camelflage did on me...

Camelflage is a light honey beige cream.

I was initially a little let down that it wasn't as good a match for me as I'd hoped, but I still like it.  The Beard told me it was creepy and looked like someone else's skin.  It does have a bit of that "wrong shade of foundation" thing going on, but I think it's different enough to work.  It makes a great base for toppers too.  The trouble though?  It is THICK.  It put up almost as much of a fight as On Pines And Needles did.  I wound up doing one coat on some nails and two on others, depending on how much dragging happened.  It was rough.  The wear was affected too.  Can you see that tipwear?  This was after maybe 18 hours.  Ouch.

It got a second chance almost right away, since I often redo just these four rather than doing a whole new mani after swatching.  This time I thinned it.  Much better!

It needed two coats once it was thinned, but it was much easier to work with.

Bottom line: The name is cute and punny (quiet, Nichole) and it's a nice, distinctive neutral.  The formula was troublesome and almost unusable without thinner.  I'm hoping I just got a bad bottle, but I'm not sure.

This is one of those shades like Sinful Colors Nude that I really want to see on someone dark-skinned and warm.  If you're reading this, Nkem...hint hint!


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