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Art on Other People!

My friend Krystal let me paint her nails! It's super-fun, and I get to practice working on other people. Which is important, since eventually I'd love to go to beauty school. If anyone wants to help me with that and has an extra $4500 just laying around...;)

Colors Used:
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in "Lightening" (yellow)
Essie in "Mod Square" (pink)
China Glaze in "Blue Sparrow-neon" (blue)*
China Glaze in "Flying Dragon-neon" (purple)*
China Glaze in "Turned Up Turquoise-neon" (green)*

*a small note about the China Glaze "Neons": I have had these for YEARS. And they aren't very neon...or opaque. In fact, these were my first encounter with China Glaze, and I believed for years that it was a lower-end brand because of them. I have since changed my opinion.


  1. True neons aren't opaque...and they try with that weird "semigloss" thing. They wind up so thick because you need a white base, then like 2-3 layers of neon, then topcoat.

  2. They really did pop more once the clear coat went on. I have received so many compliments. Thank you.


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