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I changed my hair color...again

I got my hair done last weekend, but I've been too busy to take a good picture. No more plain brown! Hooray! I lived with one color for TWO MONTHS. That is enough. So this time, my hair is Vampire Red by Manic Panic. (I have the amplified version, btw)It's a gorgeous red...for the first few days. It fades heart-breakingly fast. I still love it though. I wish it would stay that first-day color forever. It might be my favorite red ever. Next month I am going to do a purple/eggplant sort of color. If anyone has any suggestions for color/brand, please let me know!

aaaaand of course I painted my nails to match. :D This is actually another "evolving nail" kind of manicure...I painted my nails plain red, and then did the water marble a few days later. There will be a post on those as soon as I can empty my camera!

Colors Used (for the nails)
Butter London in "Come to Bed Red"
Sinful Colors in "Black on Black"


  1. Yeah! That picture rocks! Love both the hair and the mani! But what, do you change color every month?

    1. every 8 weeks or so, yeah. Though, I was hot pink/fuchsia for nearly a year. Then I spent TWO WHOLE MONTHS with plain brown/auburn.

  2. Replies
    1. In a word...yes. I'm debating going almost black again. My eyes look amazing when I do...but then I have to keep coloring it.

  3. You remind me of my best friend, Nichole! She’s a nail art, hairstyle, and hair color addict. Last month, her hair was blue, but then it fades quickly into light green. Here’s a tip I got from her about hair dying: Put petroleum jelly around your hairline to avoid staining. =)


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