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My (hopefully) Temporary Closet Mini Remodel

I have a ridiculous amount of girly shit for someone who doesn't wear make-up on a daily basis. I love make-up, clips, and nail polish. I can't help it. And until now, it's all been kinda stashed out of the way in whatever crevice or spare floor space I can find. This approach has caused me to not wear make-up often because its a hassle to dig out more than my basic stuff. I'm one of those people who won't use things if they aren't staring me in the face. So finally, I decided to do something about it. 

Now, in my dreams, I'd have a massive bedroom, a gigantic walk-in closet, and an entire wall dedicated to nail polish storage and display. None of this would even be necessary. But unfortunately I live in reality land, where I have a modest sized bedroom. My ultimate goal (and the reason this is my "hopefully temporary" solution) is to get a slightly larger chest of drawers, and mount a shelf next to it out in the actual bedroom. Most of my make-up would still be in the closet, but I'd have a nice area to primp. However, with two kids who apparently want to eat more than once a month, I have to make do with what's on hand. Thankfully I do have a walk-in closet, a couple of small dressers, a wee chair, a bookshelf and a leftover board from another project. In a little under two hours, I managed to construct a mini-vanity/dressing room!

 It's just two IKEA Rast dressers that we've had since we moved in (Poor Husband, they are full of his clothes.) and a painted shelf leftover from when I re-did the youngest spawn's closet. We had bought the chair, which is stupidly covered with a sweater, on Craigslist a while back. It's a really small chair, and it's a perfect fit. There is a light in the closet, but it's an overhead light and would be terrible for applying make-up so I brought out my old Revlon lighted cosmetic mirror. When I need to use it, I just run an extension cord to the outlet right outside the door.

And here is my entire make-up collection. I used to have a train case that I kept it all in, but once I amassed a fair amount the case just didn't work for me. So I moved it all into shoe boxes that I already had. Everything is separated: eyes, lips, blush/face (in the birchbox box), hair accessories, and my collection of samples. The brown Bare Minerals bag contains my most often used stuff like foundation, a few liners, mascara, etc. It's handy for quick make-up. 

On the right side is my collection of rarely used brushes, alcohol in the pink bottle for cleaning things, and my DIY daily brush cleaner ;) The tub is full of my manicure supplies. Remover, cotton balls, orangewood sticks, brushes, topcoats, basecoats, cuticle nippers, cuticle oil, cuticle remover, etc...all in there. It's nice to be able to just grab the bin and go sit in the living room and do my nails. A long time ago, all that stuff PLUS my polish fit in that tub. That boggles my mind now.

Last but not least is my new polish shelf!! This used to be a dvd rack that we bought on clearance a million and a half years ago. I had my husband cut the legs down so that his clothes, which hang above it, wouldn't knock bottles over. It is holding 100+ bottles at the a couple of jars of loose glitter. I think, in the future, I might like to try and add a couple of more shelves to it, since there is a lot of wasted space. But right now, it works perfectly. I love going into the closet everyday and seeing everything neatly arranged. I am the strangest hoarder I have ever seen.


  1. Looks fabulous. I love seeing how others organise their makeu p and polish stuff. I wasn't much into make up - had a bit of stuff but most of the time I just didn't get round to putting it on. But the polish addiction has revived an interest in make up again and I've started buying a few bits and pieces and doing my make up again. So I agree that having it in front of you and easily accessible. I'm still thinking about what to do with mine so thanks for the show and tell:)

    1. :D It's funny how one thing begets the other, isnt it? I had kinda given up on nail polish for years and years, and then I slowly got into make-up. Which led me right back to my first love: nail polish.


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