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Finger Paints Plum Startled

I love a good sale and Sally Beauty always seems to have the best!  Finger Paints is on BOGO for Beauty Club for the rest of this month!  You can get this deal online or in-store.  If you shop in-store, you need to mention the sale and/or show them the email, sent on 9/18 and titled "Inside: Exclusive Offers!‏"  My favorite Sally associate, usually VERY knowledgeable, didn't know about this print it out or bring your phone to show them.  It's an awesome deal.  Two for $4.49!

....but on to the polish...

Plum Startled is part of the Fall Of Surprises collection.  It's a perfect plum jelly, packed with microfleck shimmer that glistens in fuchsia and purple.

It takes three coats to hide the nail line, but this also creates depth that makes the whole thing just glow as the shimmer catches the light.

Even at three coats there are some lights and angles that show just how sheer Plum Startled is, but the formula is great, so thin patches weren't a problem.

...of course...I had to sponge *begged* me to sponge it...

This one goes to 11!  I!  This might be an even more stunning sponge transformation than the China Glaze New Bohemian collection pulled. 

Sponging takes everything that was already so great about Plum Startled and just inflates it!  The depth is deeper and shimmer is bolder.

 So what's this "sponging" thing I keep on about?  You'll see tomorrow! he he he


  1. Replies
    1. I'd say sooner than later. It's LE and on BOGO right now. When they go on clearance it might not be left and the price won't be as low as with the BOGO.

  2. I picked it up not too long ago and I gotta say, it so beautiful!!! Did you sponge it with the same color?? Never thought of that!!! Gotta try it!!

    1. Thanks! :) Yep, I applied three coats, and then sponged on a fourth...though I'd have only applied two first if I hadn't wanted to take before and after photos.

      Quickie tutorial tomorrow. :)

  3. This is gorgeous!! The blue shimmer really stands out. Definitely a winner =)

    1. Thanks! :) It was tough to pass up a second bottle. lol


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